KFC just dropped a new Double Down flavour and the OG better watch its back
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What's Good

KFC just dropped a new Double Down flavour and the OG better watch its back

We just downed the new double and we're giving honesty

KFC just announced that the Double Down is back, and this time it’s bringing a ‘swicy’ twist to the table!

Today the fast food joint revealed the new limited-edition ‘Korean BBQ’ flavour will be joining the ranks alongside the OG bunless burger. 

This new flavour is bringing the heat with two Zinger fillets packed with bacon, cheese and the sweet and sticky Korean BBQ sauce.

It's sweet, it's spicy - it's SWICY!!

Ever since the Double Down first hit menus in 2011, it’s been one of the most popular items, with fans begging for it to stick around.

This new Korean BBQ flavour joins the ranks of other limited releases like Bacon Lovers, Zinger Supercharged, and Hot Honey.

Receiving a special delivery to the office today, the Korean-edition is already a favourite at Edge HQ!

“A KFC classic met with a tangy twist! Perfect amount of spice without losing the goodness of a classic double down,” said one keen taster.

“It’s giving sweet and sour which I am sooo here for,” said another.

Having smashed one back myself, I noticed the new Korean flavour seemed to be slightly on the larger side, which is more bang for buck in my eyes. 

“The sauce definitely takes you by surprise with its zing, I’m not a spice person, but this I can absolutely keep digging into,” another said as she took a sip of water, lol.

Those who weren’t brave enough to try the kick had their say on the return of the OG.

“Chicken and cheese is a deeply underrated combo which I am glad to see celebrated in this way. Would be 10/10 on a hangover,” said one Edgie.

“Keep it on the menu permanently - hate that I have to wait for months for it to come back!🔥.”

The two Double Downs will hit KFC stores up and down the country for a good time - not a long one - from today.