We exposed the 10 types of group chat personalities - find out if you're a yapper or a mother
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What's Good

We exposed the 10 types of group chat personalities - find out if you're a yapper or a mother

I feel seen!

Whether it’s with your ride-or-die gal pals, the extended-extended friend group, old classmates or simply the family group, our group chat habits spill more tea than we realise.

We’ve delved into 10 types of people in any group chat. Of course, there's one who is absolutely responsible for the most drama and you owe it to yourselves and your mates to find out if it's you.


The haunter of a million group chats, lurking in the background. As soon as they’ve had enough of the chat, you know they’re hitting the mute button. Their participation in chats when they can be effed is strictly limited to reacting with the heart emoji ❤️ They're the unbothered vibe we all aim to master.


The undisputed chatterbox of the group. Always sending at least a two-page scroll worth of bombarding messages that could have been one simple paragraph. They are the reason why group chats fizzle over time, yet they'll still try to keep it pumping 2 years later..


Similar to the yappers, but they thought they’d give their thumbs a break from typing. It’s the bold sending of two-minute-long voice memos that are a heck of a punish to listen to in public. They’re the type of chatters to make us question ‘"How do you have this much time?"

To all the podcasters out there, I beg you, please ring me instead!!


These guys and gals have a chronic habit of sending endless TikToks and memes to any and all group chats, no matter the platform. I hate to break it to you, but if you’re sending me a TikTok, just keep it on there. 

They’re closely followed by the Reelers, who will send Instagram Reels from 5 years ago, as if they’re the latest trend. The Harlem Shake isn’t new hunny x


You thrive on drama. You are the drama! Only participating in convos to stir the pot or back your bestie up. And, yes, it’s obvi you and your BFF have had secret chats in the DMs to strategise a plan of attack.


The mum or dad of the group. Everyone loves you for taking all responsibility out of their hands. Tirelessly organising every group hang out and begging everyone to answer the ‘What date works best’ polls in the group earn you your much-deserved crown!


The self-promoters will shamelessly plug their socials at any chance they get. Whether it’s deciding between 5 barely different selfies for their next profile pic, or asking everyone to like their latest Insta post, we see you and we support you, but baby CHILL!!


Does every message you send get seen in the chat? Yep… ‘nough said. I feel for you!

Being left unanswered will fuel you to eventually drift away and become a Ghoster.


You're not afraid to expose your emotional side over messages. Whether you're sending love poems to your friends about how much you miss them or asking for serious advice on your relationship, you’ll drop whatever you’re doing to get deep into the convo.

Side note: If you’re drunk, that’s none of my business, you do you, boo! It makes for some entertaining late-night reads.


After spending what feels like an eternity of typing up the perfect message, you hit send, only to see the message out in the open and quickly shut that shit down.

The Edge deleted a message...

Bet you wanna know what I was gonna say there, don’t ya?

The Overthinker adds a touch of mystery and suspense with every message.

Whoever you are, you each play a vital role in your group chat's delicate ecosystem, so go on and send your mates some love...or stir the pot, if that's what you're into x