Maccas is letting festie-goers stay in Big Mac inspired recyclable tents at R&A this year

Maccas is letting festie-goers stay in Big Mac inspired recyclable tents at R&A this year

You'll even get pickle eye masks and your own security team.

We all know a Macca's run (or five) is a crucial part of the summer festie experience, but that's about to level up with the chance to stay in an exclusive McDonald's campsite at Rhythm and Alps 2023/24. 

The Macca's Camp Out features fully-recyclable tents for three lucky pairs of festie-frothers. 

Each eco-friendly shelter comes fizzing with BME (Big Mac Energy) and is completely kitted out with conic wallpaper, sleeping bags, pillows with dream starters and even pickle eye masks. 

Campers will also get their own Macca's survival kit, including sunglasses, sunblock, bucket hats and torches. 

McDonalds NZ told us: 

"Our lucky winners will have everything they need to have a great time partying to iconic acts Benee, Fat Freddys Drop and Homebrew, to name a few."

Not only will the location be in prime position, the site comes with its own security detail so there's no chance of anyone messing with your sick set up while you're off ringing in the new year. 

The tents have been designed and produced by a Kiwi company called Refold, and are made to end up in the right bin at the end of the event. 

You don't have to be a festival veteran to know how much CRAP gets left on the grounds after the partying is over, and there's always heaps of abandoned tents littering the gorgini landscape. 

Not only is Maccas using their new tents to encourage campers to make better choices and recycle where they can, they're actually gonna offer free Big Macs to everyone who takes their tents home with them when they leave R&A on the 1st. 

If that's not a way to start the new year, I don't know what is. 

You could win a double pass to R&A, some cash to get you there and a tent for two at the exclusive Maccas Camp Out site by heading along to our FB post and dropping a comment.