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NZ cops ask for help finding stolen Ronald McDonald statue, get overwhelmed with puns instead

"He's gone on to better and burger things."

The internet did what it does best when Kiwi police asked for help investigating a runaway Ronald McDonald statue this week. 

Counties Manukau Police were left scratching their heads after someone stole a Ronald McDonald statue from a property in Manurewa, South Auckland over the weekend. 

On their official Facebook page, the cops said they wanted to "ketchup" with the person who took it, and urged the public to come forward with any "McNuggets" of wisdom. 

While we gotta commend them on their puns, they may have regretted getting on board with the gag so soon, as the comments section was soon flooded with unhelpful but hilarious suggestions. 

"Apparently Grimace is a monster," wrote one Facebook user, "could have something to do with him." 

It seems betrayal could have also been a factor, with one commenter claiming he “probably popped down the road to Burger King for his breakfast". 

One champion of the community - and fan of Pennywise - chimed in: “Those clowns are hiding in the drains, get council to clean all drains and you will either find him or have happy communities that won’t flood😅🥰." 

"Mustard had enough," another clever clogs offered. "He's gone on to better and Burger things." 

This person might have summed it up best though, writing simply: “I hope someone Grimaces at all these puns.” 

According to Newshub, the thief is still at large. 

While we absolutely feel for the victims of this strange crime, we have to wonder who had a statue of Ronald McDonald in their garden in the first place? Cos respectfully….WTF. 

Only in New Zealand, eh?