From flashing bosses to special brownies: You guys told us your work Xmas party horror stories
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From flashing bosses to special brownies: You guys told us your work Xmas party horror stories

“I spewed in the kitchen rubbish bin in front of everyone and got sent home at 9:07 AM."

It’s the time of year when we make the questionable decision of drinking alcohol around our coworkers.

That’s right, it’s work Christmas party season! We know how much can go wrong at these shindigs, but really, we wanted to hear the worst of the worst from you.

So, we asked! And you delivered - Here we have five of the worst work Xmas party horror stories we got, and they are abso nightmare-inducing. Enjoy!

Flashing the big dogs

“So, my old company offered a HUGE awards ceremony every five years. These would happen in December, and this particular show was my first year at the job. Obviously, I drank what I could from the open bar.”

“I watched the awards ceremony absolutely off my kit. Fast forward and the ceremony finished. I’m on the stage twerking, dancing in my strapless one-piece and then POP: My tit comes out in front of all the big guns.”

“Turns out it wasn’t the worst that happened on the night. People were wasted, cheating on their husbands with the big executives in the bathrooms. They were smoking and snorting everything and anything.”

“They stopped the big award ceremonies after this.”

Worst gift ever?

“We did a secret Santa type thing at my old work. While having dinner and a few drinks, I gave my boss her gift, a book called ‘Project Management for Dummies’.

"She left screaming and crying before coming back a bit later on. She was so apologetic. A few days later, she ended up getting a promotion, but to this day, still does not know it was me who was her secret Santa.”

Didn’t even last ten minutes

“I asked for the 26th off as I was going to a Christmas party the night before. I was told ‘no’, so I told them ‘Okay, I’m drinking anyway and will probably be hungover’.”

“The next day, I walk into work at 9 AM and I’m feeling AWFUL. I’m soldiering through it for the first five minutes as if nothing can affect me. Then, they get me to make club sandwiches and the smell of the egg just set me off.”

“I spewed in the kitchen rubbish bin in front of the whole kitchen crew and got sent home at 9:07 AM. I continued to spew in their garden and all through a nearby park (in my uniform and in front of people).”

“I went home and continued to be sick for about ten hours. I was stood down for a week WITH pay - great holiday”. 

Maybe just zip it

“At a big work Christmas party, one of the accountants was really drunk. They were acting loud and cocky all friggin night.”

“Anyway, I see them stumble up to a far more sober colleague and repeatedly say: ‘I know how much money you make!’”

“The colleague was well and truly not impressed, asking the accountant to stop. Then, they dropped one of the coldest lines I’ve ever heard: ‘I advise you to stop talking before you lose your job.’ The accountant made the smart decision to walk away.”

“I have no idea what the drunk number cruncher did for the rest of the night but I hope they are doing okay now and never run into the other colleague again because oh my God, the cringe that would cause.”

Magic brownies

“This happened at my work Xmas party last week and I’m still recovering. The party started at 1 PM at a bar close to our office. Everything starts well and I’m proud of myself for not getting too wasted.”

“Anyway, we eventually head off to a coworker’s place to #kickon. I get offered a weed brownie by one of my colleagues and, because I think I'm the man, gladly take not just one, but two. I eat them and an hour later I start feeling funky (in the worst way possible)."

“I end up sneaking off to another room to stop the spinning. It’s barely 7 PM and I am PASSED OUT in a stranger’s bedroom. Not my best moment, not my worst either.”

“Anyway, I managed to get back to my flat and in bed by 9:30 PM. This turned out to be a great move because I was rested and not dusty for crate day the next day. So, silver linings and all that.”

If you’ve already had your work X-mas party and made it through unscathed: Congrats! If yours is coming up in the next week or so, maybe learn a lesson from any of these stories. 

Stay safe out there!