Woolworths' viral Christmas Cake has just dropped in NZ, and I'm ready to smash not pass
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What's Good

Woolworths' viral Christmas Cake has just dropped in NZ, and I'm ready to smash not pass

It's a hit (literally)!

Forget everything you've been told about not playing with your food because there's a viral smash cake making the rounds this silly season that's set to change all that.

After selling out in Aussie last year, Woolworths/Countdown's Christmas smash cake has finally made its way across the ditch and dropped in NZ stores. 

Idgaf that I'm a 22yo, it's the kind of fun where us big kids can take to it with whatever weapon you choose (I prefer a rolling pin) and crack the chocolate dome to smithereens revealing a candy-topped chocolate mud cake. 

It would be a hit (literally) at work xmas lunches, BBQs, and any bring-a-plate scenario.

The cake promises to feed an army of up to 26 and at $2 per slice, you won't need to break the bank to feed the whole crew.

The cake has been going viral on TikTok with some rave reviews. 

User @arvanfamily shared their crack at smashing the cake in a video that's been viewed over 1.5 million times and garnered 145k likes.

Although admitting they “want to headbutt it”, the couple took at it with a wooden spoon and gasped at the colourful candy land on the inside.

As for the cake, the pair describe it as a “glorified mud cake”.

“It’s so good!”

Now, they’ve got me curious because let's be real, the only thing better than Christmas presents is the dessert.

If cake isn’t a bit of you, there's also a DIY Gingerbread House with pipeable icing in Woolworth's Christmas range - loaded with all the candy decorations to deck it out.

Let's be real though, we're still waiting on the day we can claim victory over the bloody biscuit house instead of settling for the crumbled ruins after they fell apart for the 128th time - Maybe this year will be the year we finally take the W.

Or maybe we take the easier option with this new 3D Gummy Block House. It's like Lego, but edible.

Either way, we need to prepare our sweet tooth for an absolute joyride this Christmas.