The Inspired Unemployed boys have legit released a fragrance, and I'm desperate for a whiff
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The Inspired Unemployed boys have legit released a fragrance, and I'm desperate for a whiff

That announcement video has me SOLD!

Our favourite Aussie online jokers, The Inspired Unemployed have released their very first fragrance.

Move over, Chris Hemsworth, Brad Pitt, and Johnny Depp - there are some new “Alpha Males” - as they say - on the block, and they've brought a hot new scent to the game. 

“You tired of smelling like sh*t? Good, because we have you covered,” the boys said in their announcement on Instagram.

It's called INSPIRÉ by No. EMPLOI. and we're currently giving our nostrils a pep talk for a strong whiff of the stuff.

‘What does it smell like,’ you ask? Well, it’s described to have top notes of pink pepper, apple leaf, and mandarin zest.

Okayyy fruity spice, pop tf off. We were not expecting that, but it actually sounds delish!

All the cash they rake in from sales will be going straight to charity.

In true Inspired Unemployed fashion, the lads have whipped up a hilarious vid to celebrate the release of INSPIRÉ. 

In the clip, the boys frolic on the beach, striking sultry poses, and even getting cozy in bedsheets. We have to give it to them, I'm totally sold after that naked horse ride along the sand.

Falcon commented to clear the air about that horse scene in the video, claiming it was "definitely AI." 

“I definitely didn’t ride my mum's horse bareback in front of her and a full production crew naked on the beach for two hours in the cold. That was definitely AI,” he said.

The fragrance is the second product release for the lads, following their super-successful Better Beer which hit Kiwi shelves back in October last year. 

Unfortunately, if you’re keen on getting a whiff of INSPIRÉ by No. EMPLOI. you’re gonna have to book a flight across the ditch because the fragrance is only available at the Chemist Warehouse AU.

All our fingers and toes are crossed that they’ll bring the fragrance to NZ ASAP cause I actually gotta get a whiff of this stuff!