The Inspired Unemployed boys are bringing their 'as healthy as poss' brewski to New Zealand
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The Inspired Unemployed boys are bringing their 'as healthy as poss' brewski to New Zealand

"The mouth-gasms are on us!"

Jack Steele and Matt Ford, AKA The Inspired Unemployed boys, are bringing their brewski to Kiwi shelves. 

The Aussie duo launched ‘Better Beer’ in November of last year and it’s been pretty successful across the Tasman - making a whopping AU$10million in its first six months. It’s a healthier beer, with no carbs and no sugar, and the fellas say they’re excited for us Kiwis to get a taste. 

“Just like our lager we’re absolutely fizzing to kick the doors in and launch Better Beer in NZ with a bang - the mouth-gasms are on us!” said Jack. That’s a significant promise considering beers are the last thing that comes to mind when I (very rarely) think of a mouth-gasm. 

“It’s not often Aussie are so well received in Aotearoa, and we’ve boiled it down to the fact that we’ll BYO our own beersies. We’re pumped to see what you lovely larrikins think of our first-born. We may be biased, but she’s a bloody beauty.”

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If you’ve listened to any of their podcasts, or seen any of their TikToks, you will know that both Jack and Matt have some wild stories and can be a little reckless at times. This recklessness, they say, is not reflected in their beer. 

“Contrary to popular belief, we actually try to be as healthy as poss,” he continued. “So we wanted to make a beer that tastes great but doesn’t have you hurting in the morning (even if you’ve texted the ex),” he continued, delivering another huge promise. 

“Better Beer is crisp af and only 87 cals per can so what can we say except - you’re welcome.”

To start the rollout, they’ll be releasing 72 cases of their beer at a secret location in central Auckland this Friday (October 7th) between 3 and 5 in the afternoon. You can visit the container door website to enter the draw for one of those cases. 

They’ll release six packs of Better Beer across the country on the 24th of October, at a price of $18 for a six-pack.