Spark Arena let a Gen-Zer go rogue on TikTok and it's the most hilariously dry thing we've seen
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Spark Arena let a Gen-Zer go rogue on TikTok and it's the most hilariously dry thing we've seen

The 'Arena Dinner' had me cackling

Spark Arena has just joined the TikTok scene, and let me tell you, the guy behind it is the KING of humour in the driest way possible.

Back in September, Taylor - AKA Spark Arena guy - launched the venue’s TikTok era with a post captioned: “Hey guys I just got hired to run the TikTok account for Spark Arena, pls follow so they don’t fire me.”

And THAT we did!

Since then, hilarious Gen-Z humour has blessed our FYPs as he shares his journey through navigating the new role and interacting with loads of Kiwi fans.

Despite being the man with the utmost important jobs, Taylor did NOT get his own office, so he did what any 20-something-year-old would do when faced with a “no” - he created his own…

To the theme tune of ‘The Office’ obvi!

In fact, he takes his job so seriously he’s appointed himself the role of Arena Police, so step aside security.

You’ve heard of girl dinner, welp, there’s a new food trend taking TikTok by storm.

Consisting of chicken tendies, chips, a beer and some M&Ms, Taylor calls it 'Arena dinner' - I call it my post-pay day feast.

But Taylor's not just about the laughs; he's a man of the people. Someone asked him to help find their seats, and instead of the usual view-from-the-seats deal, he took it quite literally and showed himself chilling in her seats. 

Maybe she should've been more specific, right?

Oh, and in case you thought the humour couldn’t get any drier, the recent Corrs concert that took place in Auckland last week was in fact “for a good Corrs”.

*Cue the crickets*

I’m ngl, I shared these gems with my millennial boss, and half the jokes went over her head - doesn’t that make it funnier, though?!  

The group chats have been popping and commenters have been cracking up with each post.

“Now this is content,” one fan wrote.

Another asked: “Ur so funny how are these not more viral?” 

While a third said what we’re all thinking: “Taylor doing the TikToks for Spark Arena is something I never knew I needed a daily fix of.”

Letting a Gen-Zer run the biz’s reputation online might be risky, but Taylor's seems to have a tight grip on the reigns with us holding out for more!