Hulah is a new dating app that uses girl power to make sure you only see 'the best guys'
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Hulah is a new dating app that uses girl power to make sure you only see 'the best guys'

Soz to my ex, but you ain't getting in hun!

A new dating app has hit the scene and sorry guys, the ladies have a whole load of power before you can even begin swiping.

Found yourself swiping your way through the trenches of all the various dating apps only to run them dry? The dating game can seem like a minefield of disappointment. 

But there might just be a beam of light at the end of the tunnel - Hulah is a new dating app that seems to be a one-way ticket to a nice guy and sifting out the players.

How tf are they planning on doing that? 

To join Hulah, men must receive an endorsement from a woman - I’ll tell you right now, my ex will NOT be making it.

The app promises to “provide real-world accountability for every man on the platform, making it a safer space for women to connect and date.”

‘Cause how often have you loved their chat from the profile and the IRL experience is totally different?

Hulah CEO Heather Hopkins was inspired to create the app after enduring a string of "horrible" dates with men she'd met on other apps. 

She said: ‘I thought there were no good guys left until I realised I knew a few and then my girlfriends also knew a few.’

You also don’t have to be a single lady to do the endorsing. Gals can join the app to become a ‘ringleader’ - oh, I like the sound of that - They have the power to curate a "fleet" of men, tagging them as "has potential" or "fully endorsed." 

It’s kinda like getting your restricted license before your full.

Those who are interested in the ‘endorsed’ man can message the ringleader to ask questions about the guys in her ‘fleet’, and tell her if there are any red flags to point out.

Before you can message your potential Prince Charming, you must schedule a five-minute video chat with him. It's like an anti-catfish insurance, lol.

Unfortunately, the app isn’t available here in NZ atm, but we’ll be sure to let you know if/when it does!