PSA: Emma Lewisham just launched a world-first acne serum so we're all going broke(r)
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PSA: Emma Lewisham just launched a world-first acne serum so we're all going (more) broke


If you love your skincare, chances are you've heard of Emma Lewisham - the Kiwi-owned, female-founded company that's earned a global reputation for natural ingredients and pioneering formulas. 

Their luxury purple-packaged products can be found all over the world now, and they've just dropped a brand new addition to that collection. 

Like all of Emma Lewisham's range, their new Supernatural Blemish Serum is gonna cost ya - (approx $145, in fact) but it apparently utilises science that's been over 20 years in the making. 

To target acne and balance the skin, the new serum uses a probiotic strain that is naturally found on human skin, and that's a world-first. 

If you struggle with blemishes, blocked pores, blackheads and irritation (and who doesn't, unless you're Gigi Hadid?) the Supernatural Blemish Serum is supposed to target all of those. 

The serum comes in two halves - the live skin probiotic and an activating crème - which you mix together and apply all over your face. You only need one pump of each, so even though the product is on the pricey side, it should last you. 

Before and After results of Emma Lewisham's new serum

The before and after shots are pretty impressive, and so are the stats - with people who trialled the serum in clinical tests seeing a 58 - 81% reduction in issues like blemishes, rough and flaky skin, blackheads, oiliness and ingrown hairs. 

The other cool thing is that all the Emma Lewisham products are refillable, including this new one. You can also recycle the packaging through their beauty circle programme, which is a small win for the planet! 

Now, please excuse me while I see if I can extend my overdraft in order to get my mitts on this stuff (for legal reasons, this is a joke… we do not recommend getting into debt over skincare. I just have poor financial skills).