Here's how you do the BaiRBIE.Me AI trend to turn into Barbie or Ken, and what to watch out for
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Here's how you do the BaiRBIE.Me AI trend to turn into Barbie or Ken, and what to watch out for

What would a Barbified version of you look like?

Have you ever wanted to see what a Barbified or Keified version of you would look like? 

By now, you’ve probably been bombarded by some epic-looking Barbie replicas of your friends or favourite celebs all over your social feeds, and it’s time to let the secret out that you can easily make your own too!

I spent a little too long looking into it last night and have decided not to gate-keep the trend from you any longer, here's how to do the BaiRBIE.Me AI trend that turns you into Barbie or Ken - and what to watch out for.

The AI generator allows you to create a pretty accurate doll of yourself straight from your camera roll. So, I gave it a try on our very own Edge Breakfast's Meg, Dan and Clint for your - but mostly my - enjoyment.

Designed and Built by Rvnway, the app will run whichever image you choose through an artificial intelligence illustrator, creating the digital art you’re seeing all over Instagram rn.

The difference between this generator and the Lensa AI Avatar trend that was going around earlier this year is that you get to choose how you’re Barbie is created.

It creates the images based off the prompt you punch in. Do you wanna be a Barbie or a Ken? What is your skin tone and ethnicity? And BOOM you’ve been given a one way ticket to Barbie Land.

While, it does create very ‘stereo-typical Barbie dolls’, it’s important to remember that it’s not any representation of how anyone expects you to look. 

As America Ferrera’s character Gloria said in the recently released ‘Barbie’ film: “You are so beautiful and so smart”. You are Kenough! 

While these apps can be a lot of fun, we do have to be cautious about what info and whose photos we are giving out to these websites. 

TVP recently reported about online safety around these types of AI generators. 

In reference to BaiRBIE.ME the outlet said: “The app does not comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements of the European Parliament and the Council, so we don’t know what information is being collected and how it will be used. Let’s be cautious about what we click on and stay safe online.”

So, if you do choose to create a dolled up version of yourself, make sure your clued up on the terms and conditions, and don’t give out any info you or anyone you know wouldn’t be comfortable with.