Attn singles: Apple's new 'NameDrop' feature in iOS 17 could massively up your rizz factor
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Attn singles: Apple's new 'NameDrop' feature in iOS 17 could massively up your rizz factor

Forget the eyeliner-scrawled digits on old reciepts.

Imagine you're out on the town having a good boogie and you spot a cutie across the room. You approach with the best chat up line to secure their number, but you mishear a digit. The next day realise you've texted a random and your potential soul mate is now just a memory of the night before.

Well, singletons, the dating game just got a tech-savvy upgrade that will make getting and giving your number out easy peasy! 

Apple's new NameDrop feature for iOS17 could be your new wing woman on a night out and save you the fuss of having to scramble through your handbag looking for anything that could resemble pen and paper.

Let’s be real, it’s a little embarrassing to whip out a receipt for the three-pack of undies you bought at Kmart last week.

With this new feature, you can whizz your name and number across to someone else's phone just by tapping your iPhones together.

To add a little personal flair to the interaction, you can even customise your contact name and photo to look all aesthetic. 

You can change the font of your name, the photo that pops up, or even have your Memoji appear on the screen.

Want to get in on the NameDrop action? Here's the 101 on how to set up to swap digits faster than you can say “How you doing?”:

  1. Head into your control centre (the easiest way to find this is by swiping your finger down from the top right corner of your screen)

  2. Press and hold the Network widget that includes Wi-Fi, Mobile Data and Airplane mode. Here you will find your AirDrop settings

  3. Adjust your Airdrop to spread the love by holding that bad boi down and opening it up to ‘Everyone’

  4.  Bring 'Em Close and Let the magic unfold as you bring your iPhones within an inch of each other. Watch as your screens light up.

  5. Choose to Share or Receive Only – it's your call.

  6. Make Your Move: Ready to drop the digits? Tap Share and wait for the electronic fireworks.

So there you have it, tech-savvy singles! With NameDrop strutting its stuff in iOS 17, you can ditch the eyeliner-scribbled receipts and embrace a new era of contact swapping. 

Apple also released a whole bunch of other epic-looking features with their latest update, and the major group chat update has to be my fave by far!