From a heated throw to a perfect tan glow: 6 must-haves to get you through the rest of winter
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What's Good

From a heated throw to a perfect tan glow: 6 must-haves to get you through the rest of winter

And you don't need to break the bank!!

Hey guys, 'What's Good' writers Mon and Soph here!

Soph (Left), Mon (Right) looking at beauty products on a shelf Look at us working SUPER hard testing beauty products! CREDIT: Glow Lab

Let's face it - unless you're free to hit the slopes or sip a mulled wine by the fire, winter pretty much sucks. 

Trying to do life when it's cold, wet and windy seems to make everything harder, so the OBVI solution is to suss yourself a few little treaties to help.

Now don't worry, we're well aware of the cossie livs crisis - just ask our overdrafts. So while these bits and bobs aren't essentials, they also won't totally break the bank.

From fake tan that'll leave you looking fire to bath salts that'll warm your soul, we've each picked our three fave products we're using to survive the rest of the chilly season.


Glow Lab Water Gel Hydrating Cream ($25)
Cold weather always equals dry skin, and it can be a battle to find a solution that doesn't cost a fortune or leave you feeling greasy. Glow Lab's latest moisturiser might just be the answer.

The consistency of this stuff is totally what you'd imagine when you hear 'water gel hydrating cream' - it's bouncy, light and cooling. The active ingredient Hyaluronic Acid locks in moisture to hydrate your skin and stop it from drying out throughout the day.

I've done my research and Hyaluronic Acid can also help with healing breakouts, ageing, clogged pores and overproduction of oils. So being able to grab something that can do all that while you're just grabbing some bits at the supermarket is a serious win.

I decided to include this bad boy in my daily routine while I was going through one of the worst skin nightmares of my life and haven't looked back since. I apply it morning and night instead of my usual moisturiser and noticed my active breakouts did calm down and my skin immediately looked healthier. 

Bondi Sands 'Technocolor' Tanning Foam ($31.99)
It's always a battle to find the perfect tone of fake tan - I either come out looking like that peanut butter baby from Vine or a distant cousin of Shrek.

So, when I tried Bondi Sands' new 'Technocolor' foam you can bet your bottom dollar I was making sure I found my shade. The idea is to find your perfect undertone shade based on the pigment of your skin when you naturally lay out in the sun to get a natural glow. They’ve got four shades to pick from - Magenta, Emerald, Sapphire and Caramel. I grabbed Magenta for a deep olive tone, and let me tell you, I came out looking like I just stepped off the beach in Mallorca.

This is a 1-hour express tan, but I always opt to leave it on a little longer. I had to give this one a go twice just to make sure the colour would actually stick for days on end. I found even just 2 hours marinating in this liquid gold meant I could chuck my baggy jeans back in the drawer and get my pins out in the open.

Sunbeam Heated Throw Blanket ($128)
If you're anything like me, the mere thought of winter sends shivers down your spine. That was before I discovered the ultimate weapon to fight the chilly weather: A heated throw blanket.

Let me start by saying that this blanket is like a fluffy, warm hug. With six heating settings, you can customise the cosiness to your liking. And here's the best part: It automatically turns off after 1,3 or 9 hours, so you snooze easily knowing it’s safe.

Within five minutes, this bad boy cranks up the temperature to a level that can only be described as pure bliss. I've been settling on setting 3, which keeps me toasty for an hour of guilt-free 'Love Island' binge-watching.

Now, let's address the elephant in the room: Wires in a blanket. Initially, I was sceptical too. But fear not, they're pretty flexible and you'll soon forget they're even there.

Available on the Andoo website, it is a little on the pricier side, but as a wheat bag girly through and through, I'm confident in saying it’s worth the swap for a toastier snooze.


Glow Lab Sleep Bath Soak ($14)
You might not be able to get to the Onsen in Queenstown for the ultimate Insta shoot, but running yourself a bloody lovely bath is the next best thing. Glow Lab - legends of affordable supermarket beauty products - have just released their bath range, and I'm totally hooked.

My sleep schedule gets all kinds of weird in the winter months, so I've been loving their Sleep Bath Soak which combines three types of Himalayan Salts with magnesium and lavender, which are known to relax muscles and promote a good night's sleep. They also have a foamy Bath Blend version, which can be used as a bubble bath liquid or you can use it on a loofa in the shower if you don't have a bath.  

Glasshouse Fragrances Winter Duo Collection Candles ($64.95)
If you're a scented candle girlie you'll already know of Glasshouse, and you'll probably be familiar with their famous Fireside In Queenstown scent, known for selling out and earning a waitlist of thousands.

But if you're wondering what all the fuss is about - this is a seriously unique fragrance, with notes of cinnamon, clove and sandalwood. It's giving the warm and woody aroma of literally sitting fireside, without your hair getting smokey.


The packaging is divine and it's only out for a limited time (wow, I'm rhyming now) and THIS year, they've added a new winter fragrance called Last Run In Aspen for anyone dreaming of hitting the slopes. It's big on amber, delicate wildflowers and musk and you bet it's next on my list to add to the collection. 

Kmart Active Women's Bonded Crop Puffer Jacket ($41) 
If you absolutely have to get off the couch and brave the outside world on a bad day, it's hard to go wrong with a puffer jacket. They feel like a big hug, look cute as hell and can take you from the rugby sideline to the club (depending on the club).

Kmart has come to the party with a super affordable cropped version - and yes, it has a hood. Guys, the reviews really speak for themselves here. This baby has a 4.8 out of 5-star rating and currently comes in black, white and a Barbie hot pink.

One happy customer called it "a designer jacket with a Kmart price tag" while another said it was "really warm and super comfy". This one probably sums it up the best, though: "IT'S PINK AND CROPPED AND SO CUTE."