You can grab this whole Kiwi skincare range at the supermarket for the cost of one boujee serum
What's Good
What's Good

You can grab this whole Kiwi skincare range at the supermarket for the cost of one boujee serum

Keen? We've got a chance for you and a mate to get your mitts on a prize pack worth $164!

NZ skincare company Glow Lab is changing the game with their new budget-friendly routine, which not only is good for your skin but fab for the bank account too! 

It’s almost always a struggle to nail the perfect skincare routine without blowing your budget, and with the current cozzy liv our skin is looking a little more drab than fab this winter. That's why we've got your chance to get your mitts on some for free! Keep reading, 'cause I know you love the sound of free goodies!

You might already be familiar with some of Glow Lab's skincare line, but they've recently released seven skincare hero products that should have you totally sorted for the price of one boujee product. No, seriously, I’ve done the math.

You can grab the Face Wash For Acne, Hyaluronic Acid Water Gel, Vitamin C Brightening Facial Serum, Pro-Collagen Plumping Facial Serum, Hydrating Cream, Pro-Collagen Lifting Eye Cream as well as the two Firming and Illuminating Body Butters for $164. Not too shabby!

With each product under thirty bucks, I’d much rather build a solid routine than struggle to figure out how I’m gonna rebuy that hundred-and-something dollar serum I’m not sure even did anything in the first place.

Oh, and it’s all available in the supermarket, so no more stressing about timing your online order or making a special trip just to stock up on your favourite cleanser or serum.

While it is on the cheaper end, Glow Lab’s Head Chemist Dr Gillian Worth says there's no skimping on quality: “When formulating these new products, we’ve used active ingredients and innovative textures inspired by global skincare trends and studies.” 

“Hyaluronic Acid, Salicylic Acid, Niacinamide, the best of nature with cutting-edge science while keeping them free from parabens, silicones and synthetic dyes -among other skincare nasties.”

I bloody love the sound of taking good care of my skin without having to compromise on ingredients or the state of my bank account.

If you’re looking to up your routine and lower the cost, this might just be the go. Plus everything is made cruelty free here in NZ, so you’d be ticking the supporting local box too! How good?

We've got 2 Glow Lab prize packs worth $164 up for grabs for you and your mate who needs a little pampering this winter!

Each pack will include all 7 products from the new skincare range. It's the ultimate treat for all you fresh-faced beauties out there.

Keen? All you need to do is nominate a pal who needs a little extra pampering in the form below, and BOOM, you’re in the draw to win! We’ll be picking one lucky winner and their mate to enjoy all the goodies.