This latest viral beauty trend using tape and bronzer is truly cooked
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What's Good

This latest viral beauty trend using tape and bronzer is truly cooked

“Tan lines are feminine and sexy!"

There’s a sizzling new beauty trend doing the rounds, and honestly, this might be where we should draw the line - Fake tan lines!

Yep! Put your beach towel and sunscreen down, and pick up some tape and bronzer now because people are faking their sun-kissed look without risking a sunburn.

Using some strategic placements of Washi crafting tape, matte powder bronzer, and blush, you can transform your chest into looking like you just got back from a tropical holiday in just a matter of minutes.

TikToker Erin Dugan Jurchak is the one behind this interesting hack. 

She spilled the tea to New York Post, revealing why on earth she’d want to replicate the tan lines we all try so hard to avoid.

“Tan lines are feminine and sexy,” said Jurchak

“Giving myself fake tan lines reminds me of my youth, growing up in the 2000s.”

I mean, it’s not the Y2K trend I was hoping to resurface, but hey, the early 2000s is on its way back, and I guess it wouldn’t hurt to add one more trend to the list.

Although fake tan lines seem like possibly the most cooked fashion statement, they are a smarter move for your health. 

With all the risks associated with excessive sun exposure, it's no wonder people are embracing this trendy alternative.

Dr Julie Russak believes faking it is much wiser than baking in the sun. “[It’s] a strange trend, but it’s much better than overexposing the skin to the sun in order to get the tan lines,” Russak told The Post.

 “Too much sun exposure changes our DNA and can cause UV damage, which increases the risk of skin cancer.”

So, whether you're aiming for a nostalgic nod to the 2000s or simply want to spice up your beach style, fake tan lines might be the way to go. Whip out your bronzer, grab some tape, and let your makeup skills shine.