A biz is hiring Professional TikTok Watchers For $160 an hour, so consider this my resignation
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A biz is hiring Professional TikTok Watchers For $160 an hour, so consider this my resignation

Turns out 40 hours of screen time is a handy use of my time!

A company is looking to hire 'professional TikTok watchers’ who - surprise, surprise - will earn money for scrolling through the app. 

Yep, it’s that simple! The US company, Ubiquitous, is after three professionals to sit on their butt, and get paid $160 NZD an hour to watch ten hours of TikTok. Say less.

After looking at my screen time last week I’m a little less ashamed to say I spent 40 hours scrolling through the app - that’s a whole freaking work week, and I did it for free!

So, the big question on everyone’s mind is, of course, where the heck do I need to be and what do I need to do?

Well, it looks like you’re in for a shot because the job listing seems to be open for worldwide applications.

According to the job description, Ubiquitous is looking for “someone with a TikTok account with an eye for trends” AKA “you know how to spot what's coming next and you know how to spot converging similarities”.

No experience is necessary, but as you can imagine, the role is a hot one to apply for and is most definitely going to be flooded with people up for the job.

Last time the company started a search for a TikTok Watcher, more than 50,000 people applied, but it was Rosella Cruz, a student/ TikToker who was lucky enough to get the gig.

Rosella explained how she successfully became a ‘Professional TikTok watcher’: “My mom found the job online, and I’m somebody that spends all my days doing TikTok.

"I love content. I knew I wanted to be a content creator since I was younger, and I spend all my day on TikTok anyways, so I felt like this was an opportunity to make money and learn more while doing something that I love.”

Jeremy Boudinet, Vice President of Growth at Ubiquitous, said: “Due to the success of October’s TikTok Watching job, we felt it was only right to bring it back for a second time and make the idea even bigger than before.

Well, who could say no to an opportunity like that? I’ll be spending the rest of the day prepping my eyes for all the TikTok watching I’ll be doing - We’re optimistic out here!