Maltesers have dropped a new ‘Gold’ flavour for Kiwis and OMG it looks luxurious
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Maltesers have dropped a new ‘Gold’ flavour for Kiwis and OMG it looks luxurious

aaaand we're only the second country in the world that gets to try it!

Maltesers have dropped a new flavour and I didn’t know a tiny, edible, chocolate ball could look so lavish. 

‘Gold’ is the new flavour of the rolling chocco spheres. That iconic malt centre is still there (and still made from New Zealand milk!), but now with a white chocolate and caramel coating. 

Aotearoa is just the second country in the whole entire world to have access to the new flavour (Australia being the first), with the marketing director for Mars, the company that produces Maltesers, reckoning Kiwis are going to L-O-V-E love the new flav. 

“As one of our biggest product innovations for the year, we have a feeling Kiwi chocolate fans are going to be incredibly excited about this launch,” Tatyana Dickson said. “Our original Maltesers have always got their great taste from New Zealand milk but Maltesers Gold is bringing a new twist to a beloved favourite.”

The golden tiny balls filled with NZ milk are available in supermarkets and dairies from $4.99. 

New Zealander chocolate fans have been treated to a plethora of new chocolate options. 

Whittaker’s has released a couple of new flavours this year. Blondie and Biscuit and Honey Nougat and Almond, the latter of which is a permanent addition to their range. 

Back in March, KitKat released two new flavours at once - Smooth Hazelnut and Mint Cookies and Cream.

KitKat Smooth Hazelnut is the first KitKat to feature real nut filling, with the centre of the bar filled with fudge-like hazelnut praline, covered by its oven-baked wafer, and coated in smooth chocolate.

KitKat Mint Cookies and Cream combine the iconic wafer with creamy mint and crunchy cookie pieces. - yes plz!

If you or anyone you know adores their chocolate, you have plenty of choices for a cheeky little treat here in NZ!