Whittaker’s have answered our almond prayers with a new flavour and get me in hibernation mode
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Whittaker’s have answered our almond prayers with a new flavour and get me in hibernation mode

wake me up once it's out pls

Whittaker’s have been listening to prayers made by almond lovers all over Aotearoa as they are releasing a new Honey Nougat and Almond flavour. 

With roasted almond pieces and New Zealand honey nougat crisps in some classic Whittaker’s Creamy Milk chocolate, you can see why I think my almond-loving friends will be all over this block like the almond milk on their daily oats. 

Holly Whittaker, the chocolate giant’s Co-Chief Operating Officer, reckons anyone who loves snacking on their chocolate is going to be all over the new flavour, which will be available May 8th. 

“We hope Whittaker’s Chocolate Lovers will agree it really delivers the full sensory experience we were aiming for with our take on this classic flavour,” she said. 

“We think the secret to the moreishness of this new flavour is the lightness and crunchiness of the honey nougat, paired with perfectly roasted almond pieces, complemented by the rich creaminess of our Creamy Milk Chocolate.”

This won’t be a limited edition block either, it’s here for the long run so remember this day, it might just be the day you’re favourite ever chocolate flavour was released. 

Kiwis absolutely adore Whittaker's chocolate, proven by the fact they have just been voted New Zealand’s most trusted brand in a Reader’s Digest survey, And that’s even with the fact they’ve had to bump up their prices twice - it’s giving ✨ loyalty ✨ people. 

Over 1,700 people voted on the survey and the publication's editor-in-chief Louise Waterson said Kiwis love Whittaker’s because they listen. 

“Whittaker’s success is due to actively engaging with its community of chocolate lovers and integrating their feedback and ideas into its business strategy,” she told 1News. 

“Whittaker’s commitment to ‘best’ goes beyond simply creating world-class chocolate,” the entry on the Reader’s Digest page says. “The team strives to do everything in a good and honest way, from supporting the community and suppliers, to developing sustainable packaging and seeking out ingredients that are ethically and fairly produced.”

Ethical AND tasty, that’s how I like my chocolate.