Is it hot in here or did the sexy cast of Love Island UK S10 just get revealed?
What's Good
What's Good

Is it hot in here or did the sexy cast of Love Island UK S10 just get revealed?

Whose eggs are going in whose basket?!

The time has come to meet the singletons of Love Island UK 2023!

The 10 sexy singles hoping to catch their match have been announced, and we’re just over a week out from watching the first coupling.

So without further ado, let’s meet this year's OG cast, shall we?

Ruchee Wawo, 24,  Beautician

“I’m looking for love! I want to find my person”. Ruchee is said to bring “glam and big energy” to the Villa.

Tyrique Hyde, 23, Semi-professional Footballer

“Loads of girls, loads of energy, loads of vibes. It’s something I’m definitely looking for to.” Stop my heart is already going ‘doof-doof’!

Molly, 24, Musical Theatre Performer

“There’s going to be guys there that you’re potentially going to fall for in seconds.” FACTS!! Although, wait till you hear what Mehdi has to say.

George Fensom, 24, Business Development Executive

“I’m just looking forward to being able to meet the girl of my dreams,” Okay, cute… “And just start cracking on” Aaaand ya lost me! Lol.

Catherine Agbaje, 22, Commercial Real Estate Agent

“I’ll be fierce, I’ll be confident. You’ll love me.” Reeowww!

Mehdi Edno, 26, French Model

“I can bring the fire and make girls fall in love with me!” That’s some hot confidence, let’s hope that flame doesn’t burn down the villa. Eek!

Ella Thomas, 23, Model

“I’m so excited to get in the Villa, you know, meet some new talent.” 

Mitchеll Taylor, 26, Gas Engineer

“I’m going for a girl and no one is taking her off me…” Okay, not sure whether that’s sweet or a total ick, but will give you the benefit of the doubt atm Mitch!

Jess Harding, 22, Beauty Clinic Owner

“Hoping for loads of smooches on the terrace.” I mean that’s defs a goal to have!

André Furtado, 21, Entrepeneur

“Being together all the time. Chilling in the hot sun. Boy, am I excited to meet my wife in the Villa.” Swooning!

So, now you’ve got your first glimpse let’s see what the islanders are all about. 

Start counting down the days because streaming starts June 7th here in New Zealand. 

And, just in case you were worrying about renewing your streaming subscription, fret not my friend, because Love Island UK season 10 is available to stream for free here in NZ this time around!