Here’s your June horoscope because lord knows we need all the cosmic help we can get rn
What's Good
What's Good

Here’s your June horoscope because lord knows we need all the cosmic help we can get rn

we got you x

We don't mean to scare you but now that we're in the month of June, we are officially halfway through the year.

I'm not freaking out you are.

If you're feeling a little lost, searching for an answer, or just need all the guidance you can get right now, like us, we've got you sorted. 

Here are your Horoscope predictions for the month of June.


Congrats Leo, your love life's looking up in the first week of June. If you don’t have someone in your life right now it’s a great time to invest that love into self-care. Your calendar is about to get really busy at the end of the month so make sure you rest. 

Your career is also picking up! If any of you are thinking of applying for a job APPLY TODAY! Astrology is on your side, otherwise, you’ll see relationships in your career become more positive. 


If you’ve got plans on Saturday maybe think about staying at home! Over the next month, you're going to be deepening your relationship either with a partner or a friend. Remember to be honest with yourself and you might find people revealing their true colours to you. 


Time to get serious about rest libra! You might have some issues from April coming back up. Towards the end of the month, you’re going to be charming asf and you’ll be meeting new people professionally and you could get new friends. 


Congrats Scorpio you might be getting the news you were looking for. No denying you have had it rough the past two months. You might have some uncomfortable conflict but it’ll help you move on from those hard times. It’s time to get out of your shell! It’s a great time to get great work connections and an even better time to get kinky.


There’s going to be a bit of bickering in your friend group. Look out for Saturday the full moon is in Sagittarius so your sharp tongue might get you in trouble. You’re being asked to check how your work life is affecting your mental health. The vibe will pick up in the last week of June. Make sure you sleep!


Capricorn you are such a hard worker I just want to reassure you that you are doing an excellent job. Make sure you aren’t stretching yourself too thin! Try to be as direct as possible in communication and know that it’s okay to gush over someone! An exciting new chapter is coming and you're feeling more optimistic!


Make sure you aren’t taking advantage of anyone’s time or emotional energy. It’s a great time to start something new or level up your current relationship. Great time for a partner to move in! 


Congrats Pisces you managed to escape all the drama of last month. There’s no point hiding forever though so make sure you’re reconnecting with your trusted loved ones. Be prepared to say goodbye to the friends who are only around for the good times and say hello to new closer friendships.


Look out for drama beginning this weekend Aries! You’re starting to establish some work boundaries and this is highly encouraged. You’ll be getting a confidence boost so if you’ve been waiting to shoot your shot in love or a pay rise go for it! Don’t think about the outcome because if it doesn’t happen it just means that something better is coming your way. 


Sexy time might be on the cards this weekend taurus! If you aren’t feeling romance or sexy time though don’t be alarmed. It’ll be a great time to have adventures with friends. Wild times are upon you so just go out there and have fun! Just remember to REST!


If you keep that emotional guard up Gemini you won’t be able to let anyone in! In June try to make sure to keep your boundaries but it might be time to reassess if they’re boundaries or if they’re walls stopping people from coming in. The next few weeks will help you find a new bestie or even a new relationship.


It’s almost your birthday cancer! This is a time to express your creativity through beauty routines. You might be a wee bit sleepy towards the end of the month. It might be tempting to crawl into your shell but do you love yourself enough to come out and let people shower you with affection? 

And there we go, we hope you got the answers you're looking for.

We hope you have a month full of good energy and just remember, you got this!

Disclaimer: These are for entertainment purposes only. Only you know what’s best for you so don’t take these too seriously.