Woman makes boyfriend facetime her for entire 12-hour work shift and we’re speechless
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Woman makes boyfriend facetime her for entire 12-hour work shift and we’re speechless

There goes my faith in humanity.

A woman has been slammed online after sharing that she makes her boyfriend Facetime her for his 12-hour work shift because she doesn’t ‘trust other females'.

Nela, from California, shared a video to TikTok revealing that she wants to know what’s happening at all times during her boyfriend Jose’s day when he’s not with her.

She posted the video below with the caption “Might quit my job and go work with him.”

In the text on the video, she assures people that it’s not because she doesn’t trust him, but because she doesn’t trust other women.

We have so many questions. 

I mean, she paired the video with a song by Summer Walker called ‘Insane’ which I think says a lot. 

Viewers were quick to comment their thoughts on the video, with one user commenting ‘THIS ISN’T NORMAL’ and another writing ‘Let him breathe’. 

‘If you trust him, you should trust that if a female tries something he will put them in their place.’ one user commented which sums up what we are thinking. 

There are some serious trust issues going on here.

It also raises questions about how her boyfriend, who works in an Amazon warehouse, is possibly allowed to be on Facetime during his shift and how his phone battery would last that long. 

In a part two video she posted to TikTok, she wrote ‘So I know he isn’t flirting with other girls', seeming to have changed her tune after assuring viewers of the initial video that the request was based on her distrust of other females. 

As we’ve seen in the past, people do some pretty weird things to go viral online so for all we know, this might be a desperate attempt for TikTok fame. 

Regardless, we hope that people don’t take this as something that’s normal in a relationship as it definitely is not.