This Woman caught her BF cheating via live cruise ship cameras and shared the journey on TikTok
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This Woman caught her BF cheating via live cruise ship cameras and shared the journey on TikTok

I am living for this drama

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after discovering her boyfriend is cheating on her via live cruise ship security camera footage. 

Kayla, kayla.g21 on TikTok, uploaded a series of videos showing her and her friend coming across a live stream of a deck on a cruise ship and witnessing her boyfriend flirting with another woman in real time. 

In the first video, titled ‘How to catch a cheater on a cruise ship’, she explains how the situation unfolded alongside J Cole’s hit ‘She Knows’, which is iconic.

“The most gut-wrenching, heart-racing moment is when you go on a cruise and your man says he’s hungry so he’s going to get some food,” she began.

“You stay behind at the cabin, to get ready with your friend, and she’s flipping through the TV when she comes to the channel that is showing you what’s happening live on each deck of the ship.

“And she notices your man not getting food, but getting another woman’s number. Flirting with her, putting his arm around her.”

Part two of the journey shows the friend's reactions as they watch the betrayal unfold and record the footage for ‘proof’ to later confront the boyfriend. 

This sh*t is wild. 

While the two friends try to piece together what exactly is happening, questioning whether it is him, they watch him place his arm around her and their screams say everything. 

After watching her boyfriend hand his number over to the woman, Kayla decides to run off to catch him in the act, with footage of her pulling out a walkie-talkie to inform her friends of the situation with the code ‘911’. 

This is making me realize that I need to get myself a group of friends that use walkie talkies

Right about now we’re itching to see Kayla confront her boyfriend and see the drama unfold but the journey finishes with a mysterious ending…

In the final video posted, Kayla wrote ‘Use your powers of deductive reasoning to piece together what’s happening’ alongside a video of a rescue boat pulling up to the cruise ship. 

Do I dare ask whether she pushed him overboard or?

You bet people were not satisfied with this mysterious end to such a chaotic journey. 

One user said ‘I NEED TO SEE THE CONFRONTATION’ while another wrote ‘I NEED A STORY TIME RIGHT NOW’. 

Honestly same. 

I think we can safely assume the pair is no longer together and while we might not know how exactly it ended, the journey gave us the most entertainment we’ve had in a long time.