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What's Good

New dating show puts American men with hot gals who don’t speak English and ofc it's unhinged

We should have known the creators of Love Is Blind would be behind this.

Love is being put to the ultimate test with a new reality dating show where the contestants are on their search to find their one true love. The only catch is, they don’t speak the same freaking language… how the heck is that going to work?

‘Love & Translation’ has just been announced by TLC and the new Max streaming service where three keen bachelors test if love really is a universal language with 12 single gals from around the world who speak “zero English”.

The three American lads are joined by beautiful women from Germany, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, South Korea, Japan and France as they try to form a strong connection without being able to communicate.

I mean, I struggle to communicate with the dating pool of guys who speak English, how the heck are they gonna do it without understanding each other?

Actually, they might be on to something here!

Language learning app Duo Lingo teased us with the concept as an April Fool joke earlier this month. 

But little did we know that the concept was so good that the producers of ‘Love Is Blind’ were actually planning on releasing it for real!

So will true love stand the massive test of a language barrier or can it beat all odds and create the next universal love story? Who the eff knows, but I can’t wait to watch and find out!

‘Love & Translation’ doesn’t have a set release date, but is said to hit the streaming service later this year.