Harry Styles Fan Project
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What's Good

There's a huge fan project going down at Harry Styles' Auckland show tonight - Here's the deal

Let's get Harry's attention!

Attention all Harry Styles fans! If you’re heading to the concert at Mt Smart Stadium tonight and want to get Harry’s attention, we know some people who have a plan to do just that.

A fan project is on the go for tonight’s show and we’ve got all the deets thanks to the admins of the @hslotaus_nz Instagram page.

Here’s what you need to know!

It’s all going down during Harry’s two iconic hits ‘Matilda’ and ‘Kiwi’ - obvs.

The idea you ask? Well, it’s pretty simple. All you have to do is hold up your phone screen with a certain colour corresponding to where you are in the stadium and BOOM, we’ll wow Harry with a beautifully lit stadium.

Kiwi admins of the fan page Junie and Sarah suggest “turning your brightness all the way up for the full effect”.

This one is simple and totally up to you! “Inspired by the Harry Styles 'Love On Tour' colour theme”, anyone anywhere in the stadium is encouraged to hold up a colour of their choice to create a rainbow-lit stadium - the more people getting amongst the better, so spread the word.

SOURCE: @hslotaus_nz on Instagram

Below are the colour options created by Reigne Eltanal for you to screenshot and have ready to whip out as soon as the song begins.

Unlike ‘Matilda’, ‘Kiwi’ is going to run with a few more specifics. There will be four colours in the mix for Kiwi and it’s all based on where you are positioned in the stadium, but dw @hslotaus_nz has sussed a handy little map to help you work out which colour you need!

SOURCE: Reigne Eltanal/ @hslotaus_nz on Instagram

If you’re worried you won’t be quick off the mark to get your phone out, don’t stress, the plan is to hold your colour up for the second chorus of ‘Kiwi’ - You’ll be able to jam out and dance as much as you want for the first half!

Junie advises: “It's best to have them already saved into your camera roll and you can crop or zoom into the colour you need for wherever you are in the venue.”

Want to be prepared? Here’s the expected setlist for tonight’s show:
Music For a Sushi Restaurant
Adore You
Keep Driving
Little Freak
Treat People With Kindness
What Makes You Beautiful
Late Night Talking
Watermelon Sugar
Love of My Life

As It Was
Sign of the Times
Medicine (we're holding our breath that this one will make the list!)

That’s it! We’re ready to boogie the night away with Harry at Mt Smart Stadium tonight and make it a concert to remember.