Heading to Harry Styles at Mt Smart? Here's everything you need to know for his Auckland show
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What's Good

Heading to Harry Styles at Mt Smart? Here's everything you need to know for his Auckland show

From the expected setlist to transportation, here's what you need to know!

Harry Styles is coming to Auckland for one show only, so here’s how to be prepared to have the best night ever!

Final tickets are on sale now HERE

2.30pm - VIP early check-in opens
5pm – Gates open
6.30pm – Show starts

* Note: Timings are subject to change without notice. It's recommended fans arrive at least two hours before Harry Styles is set to take the stage, so they have enough time to make their way to their seats in time for the first song.

Check out this map HERE to find the best and the nearest gate to your seat. 

Download your ticket ahead of time and check which gate is the nearest entry to your seat

* Note: Camping before show day is not permitted. You can begin queuing from 8am Tuesday, however, no fan-organised wristbands and queuing systems will be accepted by stadium staff and security.

The team at Mt Smart recommend you give yourself plenty of time to get to the stadium.

Road closures start at 2pm and end at 11.30pm.

Free bus rides are included with your concert ticket from 7am show day until the last bus that night. 

Special buses will operate between City Centre and Mt Smart Stadium before and after the concert.

Departing from the City Centre directly to Mt Smart Stadium from 12pm. 
120 Quay Street - Corner of Gore Street and Quay Street

Departing from Mt Smart Stadium to the City Centre after the concert
O’Rorke Road
When: For 1-hour post-concert or until crowds clear

Free train rides are also included in your concert ticket from 7am until the end of service that day. 

Free Parking is available at limited capacity.

Park & Walk:
Where: 17-24 Botha Road from 5pm onwards (20-minute walk to the stadium).

Park & Ride:
Where: Alexandra Park from 11am show day

Once parked, you can catch one of the free special buses to Mt Smart. 

After the concert, special busses will be available to return to Alexandra Park
Departing from Olive Road. 

Mobility Parking and Access:
Onsite parking is available for concert-goers who hold a valid mobility permit. Mobility parking is available via O'Rorke Road. Mobility parking is limited therefore is strictly reserved for patrons who hold a mobility permit only.

Food and drinks are available to buy on-site.

Mt Smart has a range of options to choose from. If you plan on purchasing any alcoholic beverages, please remember to take your ID and don’t be offended if you look under 25 and are asked to present your ID when purchasing.

Wine, beer and soft drinks are all available for purchase.

There are 18 water stations around the stadium. You may only bring an empty water bottle (1-litre max) or a sealed plastic water bottle (up to a max of 1 litre) into the venue.

* Note: The lid will be removed and thrown upon admission. You can also carry an empty plastic bottle with no cover (up to 750ml) to use at free water stations.

Metal/stainless steel bottles will not be allowed in.

On show day external merch stands will be located outside Gates A (from 10am) and Gates B & C (from 3pm).

Further merchandise outlets will also be available inside the venue. Click HERE to view these locations.

Mt Smart Stadium is a smoke and vape-free venue.

What you CAN bring into the Stadium

1. You can bring banners, flags (without poles) and posters no larger than A3 and from cloth or paper only.
2. A bag no larger than an A4 size of paper (official merchandise items are ok)
3. Sealed plastic bottle of water up to 750ml (lid may be removed on entry) * or empty plastic water bottle up to 750ml to fill up at free water stations.
4. Small quantities of home-prepared food such as sandwiches, baking or fruit 
5. Small collapsable umbrellas are to be used for shade/shelter during the day however umbrellas must not be erected during the show.

What you CAN NOT bring into the Stadium
1. Backpacks of any size or any bag larger than A4 size (Official merchandise items are ok)
2. Commercially prepared foods such as takeaways and soft drinks 
3. Chilly bins 
4. Cans, aluminium or glass containers, bottles or cutlery (this includes bottles of perfume) 
5. Alcohol or illicit drugs 
6. Air horns or loud hailers 
7. Furniture, chairs or stools 
8. Prams or strollers 
9. Animals (except for Assistance Dogs) 
10. Dangerous goods 
11. Video cameras and recording devices such as drones, iPads, tablets or Go Pros (cell phones are ok) 
12. Cameras with a removable lens, a lens larger than a regular watch face or cameras that may be deemed to be for professional use 
13. Selfie sticks 
14. Costume/dress-up full-face masks and helmets 
15. Skateboards, rollerblades, bicycles or scooters 
16. Fireworks, flares or laser lights 
17. Large poles for flags that could be considered dangerous or view obstructing 

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