Captain Cupid Dating App for travellers
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What's Good

Flight Center has made a dating app for travellers, so you can find your match mid-flight

No, this is not the plot of the newest romantic flick, it’s for realsies!

Imagine jetting off to travel the world on a solo mish, and little did you know you were sitting two rows back from the potential love of your life. You don’t know it yet, but you could…

No, this is not the plot of the newest rom-com, it’s for realsies!

Flight Centre has decided to take a bow from cupid’s arrow by creating, a dating feature within their app that matches travellers to their most suited romantic partners while travelling. 

Their ‘Captain Cupid’ service will apparently match you with potential beaus on your next long-haul flight or cruise. 

SOURCE: Flight Centre NZ

With 42% of travellers making their way around the globe on a solo mish, wouldn’t it be nice to find a little romance along the way?

“The world is just teeming with single travellers eager to hook up, join the mile-high club, live out Love Boat fantasies, or live up to ‘what happens on tour …’ rumours."

“Imagine the number of times you’ve travelled and could’ve been sitting for hours on end with the person of your dreams and never realised it! Now with 'Captain Cupid' you’ll know, and something beautiful could be unfolding on your next flight,” said Flight Centre’s Andrew Stark.

I mean, I won’t say no to living out my rom-com dream. 

The feature is available in the Flight Centre app now and will go live in May.