'What a joke': Glassons roasted for lack of diversity and size inclusivity at influencer event
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'What a joke': Glassons roasted for lack of diversity and size inclusivity at influencer event

"so brave of you guys to include brunettes this time xx"

Glassons has infuriated hundreds of women with another 'tone deaf' example of the glaring lack of racial diversity and size inclusivity shown in their products and promotional videos. 

The Aussie-owned clothing brand has come under fire after sharing clips from their latest event on social media, in which well-known influencers and 'customers' were invited to launch their new activewear range.

I say 'customers' because judging by the response from real women wanting to shop at the House of G, the girls in the clip really don't represent the general paying public. 

"I don’t look like any of these girls," one disappointed comment on Glassons' TikTok read. 

"So you can only wear Glassons clothes if you are size 6/8 and look like an Instagram model? Where’s the inclusivity in these ads" said another. 

"How can you expect to grow as a brand when you time and time again have no diversity? DO BETTER," a third added. 

The brand has pumped out heaps of content from their Sydney-based event, which featured photo ops, a smoothie bar, workout classes and personalised lockers, water bottles and gym bags for the guests. 

Footage of the attendees arriving shows them wearing Glassons Active range, which includes leotards with cut-outs, mini skirts, bike shorts and bralettes. Over on Instagram, this went down about as well as the see-through bathroom wall at Leo Molloy's Auckland HQ bar

"What a shame that not even one girl looks bigger than a size 10," one comment read. 

"Such a gorgeous event….it’s unfortunate that you refuse to include anyone outside of this stereotypical type of girl. It's 2023…there are no excuses anymore," said another. 

One commenter said they'd "never be buying from the brand again", adding: "In 2023 if you’re not promoting diversity and expanding/catering to all bodies, get a grip." 

Several others mentioned the "non-inclusive 'you can't sit with us' vibes" the clips gave off.

One called the energy "nasty" while another wrote: "This gives me high school mean girl vibes." 

While the vast majority of the online response was part of the wave of backlash, some people didn't agree with the upset, insisting that Glassons "can choose to do what it wants with its image". 

"No one is forcing you to buy from them. Surely this short video of people stopping for a photo underneath a floral arch isn't that bad," one comment read. 

This isn't the first time fans of the House of G have been left feeling left out by the brand's stylistic direction. As beach season rolled around last year, I wrote this rant about Glasson's bikini range, and when I say the gals were ON in the comments section…. 

Glassons declined to comment when I reached out to them for that story, and they don't seem to be responding to their customers' input on social media either. 

"Glassons, what is your response to EVERY SINGLE COMMENT SAYING THE SAME THING?" one person asked on Instagram. "Ignorance is bliss ae?" 

"They're really good at ignoring their comments and reviews," said another. 

Sigh. It can all feel a bit tiring, huh? 

We can only hope one of these days, the message gets through and we can once again celebrate the clothing brand that so many Kiwi gals have rated for so long. In the meantime, it's lucky there are other companies out there repping all the beautiful bodies and making sick fits accessible for everyone. Just sayin'.