Auckland HQ bar

Auckland's HQ bar legit has a see-through wall looking into the ladies toilets from the street

“That’s so messed up and unsafe. I’m actually disgusted."

Uh oh, girls, the new HeadQuarters bar on Auckland’s viaduct is providing more than just ocean views - the back wall of the ladies' bathroom is completely see-through from the waterfront. 

A viral TikTok video doing the rounds shows the view outside the newly renovated bar that looks straight into the female toilet stalls on the second floor. 

I’m not talking about where the girlies catch up for a drunk chat and to fix their hair. It literally shows the back view of each cubicle. 

The footage shows three unsuspecting gals going about their business, completely unaware that from below, everyone can see them doing their biz - imagine braving a jumpsuit on a night out?! 

In case you thought this may all just be a mistake with the privacy screen, the view from inside the toilets looks out to the water just as clearly. 

As you can imagine, outrage and confusion flooded the comment section, with one confused viewer asking: “Is that even legal?”

“That’s so messed up and unsafe. I’m actually disgusted,” wrote another.

One commenter named Tayla said she “was there on Saturday and noticed the same thing, pulled the finger out the window.” I would’ve too if I caught anyone peeping in. 

“They can have fun watching me wipe my ass 5 times,” joked a fourth.

We get another view from the bathroom in a clip posted by owner Leo Molly on his Facebook page which highlights another concerning feature of the bathroom. 

An unnecessary and potentially offensive sign reads: “No Tom, No Dick and No Harry’ - with 'No Dick' bolded in red font - caught our eye for all the wrong reasons.

SOURCE: Leo Molloy on Facebook

The bar formally known as O’Hagens has been completely renovated and is now owned by the highly outspoken, controversial hospitality boss Leo Molloy. 

If you aren’t familiar with how cooked this guy is, you can get a good sense of it from Guy Williams's interview with him during his failed run for Mayor of Auckland.

He used to own the old HQ building next door to the new site, which also had its fair share of controversies, including the mocking of vegans and sharing of homophobic comments and views.