You thought your breakup was brutal? check out this gal's scream after she's dumped on a plane
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You thought your breakup was brutal? check out this gal's scream after she's dumped on a plane

There was no escaping that s**t show!

If you’ve been through a breakup, you’d know that it can be pretty rough, but have you ever experienced being broken up with while you're sitting with your partner on a plane? 

That’s the case for one gal who - as expected - didn’t take the news too well.

A video has gone viral of the woman screaming down the whole flight after being given the bad news. 

In the footage posted by TikTok account @traveltmz, a flight attendant is seen flustered with the hysteric lady repeatedly screaming as she drops to her knees in the aisle.

By this point t it didn’t matter how many times passengers counted the rows to their nearest exit, they were stuck listening to the absolute chaos unfolding.

Another staff member seemingly tried to help the situation, but as many of you will already know, don’t try to calm an emotionally charged gal - 9/10 times you’re in danger and I speak from experience.

The flight attendant then tries to speak to another passenger as the woman rocks back and forth screaming “I don’t care”, before lifting herself up off the ground.

The newly single gal can then be seen swinging wildly at the man who just broke up with her. 

It is unclear whether the woman was removed from the aircraft completely but the video ends with her being escorted towards the front of the plane.

As you could imagine, comments were going wild underneath the post, with one TikTok user sarcastically writing: “She took that well lol.”

Another suggested next time he let the bad news take place in a more escapable setting eg. a coffee shop.

“Perfect got her bag packed already. Bro is thinking ahead,” wrote a third.

Tbh, they’re both in the wrong and maybe the whole situation shouldn’t have taken place on an inescapable flight.

I feel sorry for the baby who couldn’t get a scream in amongst the chaos - the gal really took the moment away!