Singletons are asking for a 'Dating App Wrapped' so these TikTokers created their own versions
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Singletons are asking for a 'Dating App Wrapped' so these TikTokers created their own versions

Imagine being able to see how many fish pics you swiped on... Too many!

By now your social media feeds have probably been flooded with everyone’s Spotify wrapped, and while it’s always a bit of fun seeing your year of musical taste, people are begging for a new kind of yearly wrap - dating apps.

What if we could decode how many swipes turned into matches? How many of those matches turned into dates? And how many of those dates ended in the dreaded friendzone? I think we all know those stats would be mega!

Well, some creative TikTokers took it upon themselves to share what they think their dating app wrap would look like.

Comedian Grace Heyes went viral back in 2020 for her brilliant take on her own self-made Bumble Wrapped. Her clip has resurfaced and something tells me those stats would be pretty similar today.

Of course, with many comments saying that Grace’s stats ‘sound familiar’ and even Bumble’s official account writing: “This is AMAZING. Inspiring us”, other TikTokers took their own spin on the stats.

One user has actually delved so deep into the wrap, he’s created a website for people to upload their data and get their very own dating stats fed back to them - I guess it’s the closest thing to the real deal.

@Nikodraca on TikTok first made a copy for his single friend, revealing that she had “crossed paths with 1,159 users” but “only said yes to 25.4%”.

With his version of the wrapped his friend was also able to see what month his friend was most active on the app. He also noted that she sent the most messages at 2am - I think we all know those “u up?” messages were the culprit for that stat.

Of course, with everyone wanting their own version of the wrapped, the TikToker has created his own version for hinge users to upload their data to

He shows how to get your own version below.

Well there you have it, in 2022 ask and you shall receive. Honestly, though I’m already embarrassed about my Spotify Wrapped, I couldn’t even imagine a dating version.