Here's how to up your Instagram Stories game without trying - millennials we’re looking at you
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What's Good

Here's how to up your Instagram Stories game without trying - millennials we’re looking at you

Using mayfair or valencia filters should be a crime!

A Gen Z gal has graced TikTok with a how-to guide for Millennials wanting to up their Instagram Stories and throw that 2016 aesthetic in the bin.

@channingstatum captioned the video: “Dear Millennials, we just want what’s best for you."

“I work with a lot of Millennials at my work and I’m sort of the resident Gen Z. They make fun of me for it constantly, but they always compliment my Instagram Stories,” she began before launching into the top 6 tips.

1. “Always post vertical content to your Stories.”

Every time I see a horizontal photo posted with a similarly coloured background a slight tear of pain comes to my eye.

Nicole adds that videos should always be under 10 seconds and photos should always use 0.5 zoom. Strong.

2. “Use Serif font”

In case you need to locate it next time you post to the app, it’s the one on the far right as you sift through the options.

3. “Do not slant your text”

The TikToker says it drives her “insane” to see your text floating on a 45-degree angle.

I’m gonna be completely honest, even as a Gen Z I’m guilty of this one. Eek!

4. “Absolutely no Instagram filters”

“This is a dead Millenial giveaway,” says the TikToker before launching into the names of the dreaded overlays.

Finally! Thank God someone has said it - none of that mayfair or valencia taking over an already stunning pic.

5. “Ghost tag your friends - they’ll get over it!”

“I get it we all wanna tag our friends so they can repost our stories, but tag them and swipe it off the screen.”

You can also minimise the tags to be super small, or you can even make the text that you’re using to tag your friend the same colour as the background so it appears invisible.”

6. “You can use emojis, just don’t be weird about it...”

What she means is to make sure it actually fits the theme/ aesthetic of what you’re posting. Do not put a laugh-crying face next to a funny video - it’s too predictable!

If you're a millennial feeling personally attacked, don't worry - In the words of the High School Musical cast, we're all in this together!

Hopefully, these tips will help you master all of your summer IG Stories.