From hot sauce to skincare: The ultimate last-minute NZ Christmas gift guide
What's Good
What's Good

From hot sauce to skincare: The ultimate last-minute NZ Christmas gift guide

Don't freak out if you've left it late, we've got something for legit everyone in here - and it's all local, baby.

I know we say this every year, but can we talk about the absolute audacity of Christmas to creep up on us so quickly? 

If you've left your present-purchasing to the last second, don't freak out - you're among friends. We've sussed a short and sweet list of NZ-owned companies where you're sure to find something for that tricky person. 

Not only does buying local mean it *should* ship out speedily to make that Dec 25th deadline, it's also a bit bloody nice to support local in this economy.

We got your foodies covered, your boomer aunt and uncle, your mate who always gets you something great you'd never have thought of. 

Clock's ticking though - so let's get to it… and make sure you check delivery times on the websites before you buy, just in case! We are not taking the blame for any late arrivals. 

From hot sauce to backyard games to skincare and phone cases, here are our picks for NZ Christmas gifts this year: 

Modeletto Air-Dry Pottery Kits ($79) 
I got hooked on mucking around with pottery at home when I was desperately trying to come up with a hobby to put on my dating app profiles, but it's actually so soothing and fun. I've bought these for my pals and done them with my 11-year-old niece, but you best believe your mother-in-law/nana/auntie/workmate would get amongst too! 

Fling Cocktails Gift Set ($66 -  $100)
Cocky-Ts in a can - need I say more? Go for an Espresso Martini set with a 4 pack of canned drinks and 2 gorg coupe glasses, or level up with a Margarita Gift Box including a bottled margarita mixer, citrus salt for the rim, a bottle of tequila and a choice of a 2 piece glassware set or a copper boston shaker.  

The Emma Lewisham Essentials Set ($150) 
If you haven't heard of world-renowned, Kiwi-owned brand Emma Lewisham yet, I bet you the skincare lover in your life has. If they somehow haven't - this set is the perfect intro. It includes seven minis, including the cult favourite Skin Reset Face Serum and a bunch of other lush AF products. The wee bottles are so cute and perfect for refiling and packing in your bag for summer trips away. 

Apostle Hot Sauce Gift Box ($40) 
Keep things spicy for your favourite foodie with this limited edition box - cool packaging, cool concept, hot flavours. The set contains 3 bottles of hot sauce: The Saint Andrew - Szechuan, Blueberry and Habanero, the Saint Philip - Roasted Caposicum & Chili, and the Judas Iscariot - Spicy, Smoked Barbecue. The bottles are a huge vibe to show off come BBQ season, too! 

Skinnies Sunscreen ($39.99) 
Here's one you cannot go wrong with, no matter who you're buying for. Everyone needs sun protection! It's the kind of thing you never want to buy for yourself but is an absolute essential. That's why it's such a treat to get a really nice sunscreen as a gift, and Skinnies absolutely fits the bill. Say goodbye to white and sticky sunblock - a little of this clear balmy gel goes a looong way, and it feels great on the skin. As well as their famous Sknnies SPF30 Sungel, they've got stuff for kids, tinted face sunblock, lip balms and more.  

Kiwi Kubb Kit ($109)
Backyard cricket who? This Swedish lawn game can be played with a drink in your hand and has become super popular lately for good reason. Get someone the Kiwi version and they'll be the MVP at home or the beach all summer. 

Brucha NZ Hand-Painted Phone Case ($79)
Everyone needs a phone case, and you know your mum's one is waaaay past it's best by date. These aesthetic AF cases and accessories are hand-painted in Mexico, but the company is Kiwi-owned and just starting out. They've also got notebooks, AirPods cases and personalised travel mugs. They're available to purchase via DM on Insta, so it's giving exclusive and unique. 

MetalBird ($64.95 - $99.95)
This is the ultimate garden gift for every older relative you're totally stuck on what to get. It started as an art project and is now a global phenomenon. Choose a Tūī, pīwakawaka, Kererū or almost any other kind of bird you could dream of - these guys can live in a tree or a post in your garden with the tap of a hammer, and they're locally, ethically and sustainably sourced. 

&Sunday Pool Floats ($59.95 - $159.95) 
Give the gift of cooling off in style with these bougie inflatables - if they're lucky enough to have a pool, get em a lounger or pool tube (although these would be great at the beach, too) and if not, get them a chic Inflatable Arch Pool to change their backyard paddling pool game. 

Glow Lab Glow On Gift Pack ($20)
Ok, you might hear 'body lotion gift set' and raise an eyebrow - but this is the ultimate last-minute Christmas gift. Yes, you can pick it up from the supermarket, but no, it's not some shitty throwaway present - Glow Lab actually does really great stuff. This set features their full-sized Coconut & Sandalwood Body Wash, Coconut & Shea Butter Body Lotion, Hand Cream and Facial Moisturiser…and it'll cost you about the same as a block of cheese!