TikToker slammed for wearing 'trashy, revealing' dress to friend's wedding hits back at haters
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TikToker slammed for wearing 'trashy, revealing' dress to friend's wedding hits back at haters

Imagine having random strangers telling you what you can and can't wear...

An Australian influencer has called out the “out of control” critics who labelled her an “attention-seeker” for wearing a “revealing” white dress to a wedding.

Lacey Jade Christie shared pictures and videos from her friend’s wedding on social media but was quickly faced with backlash for her outfit of choice. 

While many people immediately branded the low-cut dress as "trashy" and "too revealing," Lacey, a model and influencer who promotes body positivity, spoke to news.com.au claiming that people were "too quick to judge."

“I think it’s really interesting that people can see a photo or a video of a stranger on the internet and make such wild assumptions,” she said.

“Not only that, but the level at which people expect others to adhere to their own traditions and expectations is astounding.”

She continued: “It’s 2022 and for people to automatically jump to the conclusion that I was deliberately trying to steal attention from the bride, or in this case brides is laughable.”

The ceremony Lacey attended was not as traditional as you may think, and she had already asked permission from the two brides regarding her dress.

“Many of my friends were wearing low-cut dresses, sheer dresses, there were power suits that were just blazers (no bras) and a whole host of other fashion statements,” she added.

“My outfit wasn’t the most revealing of the night and the brides were so happy with the authenticity with which everyone showed up to their wedding.”

Of course, Lacey wouldn’t be defending her outfit of choice if it weren’t for the negative and unwanted attention she received after sharing a video of the dress on TikTok.

One woman said that wearing white on someone else's special day would cause her to "die of embarrassment," while another simply called it "trashy."

“Never in a million years expected that so many people would have a problem and that it would get this out of control,” she told news.com.au.

“When you read the comments, so many people are commenting on my body,” she continued before describing the horrific comments on her “saggy boobs, cellulite etc.”

Despite the negative reaction, Lacey received a lot of supportive and positive responses from those who supported her non-traditional decision.

One supportive viewer wrote: “I don’t understand why people act as if they know more about the people getting married than the person attending the wedding.”

“You looked stunning, you absolutely slayed,” said another.

A third shared a kind message to the negative commenters: “People are so unkind. Seriously let’s empower each other as women.”

Christie encourages people to think twice before leaving nasty comments and to keep in mind that there is a real person on the receiving end.

Wear what makes you feel comfortable and all the power to those who step outside of their comfort zone - let’s build people up!