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This TikTok stylist just savagely exposed the most 'evil' celeb she's worked with and I'm shook

Imagine being asked to pay 10k for THAT experience.

A stylist from New York has outed her worst celebrity experience in a series of TikTok videos and you might find it hard to believe who the “evil chick” is.

Tahira discussed her experiences with famous people, some of which were positive and others that were extremely negative.

She recalls that in 2016, Pitch Perfect actress Anna Kendrick stopped by the store to prepare for a book signing, and according to the stylist Anna said that she would only wear their clothes for $10,000.

“She won’t speak to me, that’s strike one. She won’t say anything,” the stylist revealed. 

She said Anna then gave a look to her PR lady, who took the stylist outside and repeated, “If you guys want her to wear a look, it’s $10,000.”

Typically, stylists would give celebrities free outfits to wear in exchange for their promotion of the outfit on social media and, obviously, at the event.

Sometimes stylists will even allow the celebrity to keep the style for FREE. But would you spend $10k just to have a celebrity wear an outfit to a book signing? 

Is the outfit even worth that much?! 

Later, she revealed in a second video that she ran into Kendrick while working at Barney's department store years later and asked her colleague to work with her instead because she didn't want a bar of the actress' “attitude”.

She revealed: “After my colleague helps her, she comes over to me and goes, ‘Do you have any idea who that is?’ and I said, ‘Oh yeah, she’s an actress.’ And she goes, ‘I had no idea who she is but she just got so nasty with me,'” 

In a third video Tahira rated famous people she's worked with, and let’s just say no fks were given when she referred to Anna as an "evil chick."

Tahira also mentioned working with Emilia Clarke from ‘Game of Thrones’ and Kim Cattrall from ‘Sex & the City’, both of whom she gave perfect scores.

 Okay, I can rest easy now knowing that not all celebrities are bad.