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Julia Fox, who cannot be stopped, just made a dress out of a legit pile of leaves

You won't be-leaf how she did it!

During my usual endless scroll through TikTok I get a lot of fashion recommendations, but what I wasn't expecting was for Julia Fox to take a literal pile of leaves and turn it into a full-blown outfit paired with matching accessories.

You'll of course remember the ultra-extra-low-rise pants, the time she went shopping in her underwear, or when she most recently turned a towel into a dress. 

Yep, after creating a dress from a beach towel in her previous edition of end-of-the-world-fashion, Julia has taken her DIY projects to a whole new leaf-el.

In her latest TikTok tutorial, the model and actress said she became inspired after watching the leaves change during her daily walks in the park.

So of course she did what only Julia Fox would do and took a whole pile of leaves home to turn into a wearable piece of body jewellery.

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Anyway, Julia gets to work teaching us how it's done, and it's quite tree-rific to watch her piece the look together.

First, she gathers the leaves from the footpath and takes them home to her friend Emma who paints each individual leaf with Epoxy resin and sticks them to a makeshift drying rack made from poster board and tape to harden.

SOURCE: @juliafox on TikTok

We love a DIY queen!

This is where things start to really come together. Julia begins hot gluing the leaves together to form the bra cup and skirt - things are getting in-tree-sting

Julia then shared how they made earrings to match. before showing the construction of the dress.

Finally, Julia connect the bra and skirt with some chains to create more of a “body jewellery piece rather than actual clothing”.

SOURCE: @juliafox on TikTok

Guys, I truly don't know how to feel. At first, I thought it was ridiculous. But the longer I stare at it the more I kind of love it. The look is definitely helped by Julia styling it with knee-high boots, and the earrings to match, but I fear she is the only person on earth who could actually pull it off. 

I'm fairly sure if I tried to roam around in my own version of the fall-inspired look the leaves wouldn’t be the only thing to drop from this outfit. I’d need to hire someone just to be on the lookout for any spillage - although it definitely looks like it would hold more in than the Bras & Things set that went viral earlier this year so maybe I’ll let Julia take the W on this one!