Terrifying Spookers zombies interrupt live NZ news and you've gotta hear their demonic screams
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Terrifying Spookers zombies interrupt live NZ news and you've gotta hear their demonic screams

mmmkay, that'll haunt me for the rest of the day!

Halloween pranks generally mean scaring the crap out of someone, and that is exactly what happened to the hosts on this morning’s ‘AM’ show. 

Ryan Bridge, Nicky Styris and Melissa Chan-Green were signing off the morning’s episode when one of the most horrifying-sounding screams of all time can be heard before two grey-faced zombie ghost things run onto the set and continue the screaming. 

“NOPE,” Newshub wrote in the caption, which is legit my reaction. “That’s enough work for today.”

Check it out below (headphone wearers be warned):

Chan-Green just wanted to get out of there saying: “I want to go home… that is very scary,” which is probably the right call. 

Haven’t heard a scream like that since I had to tell my mates that Airwaves gum has been discontinued.

Honestly, if this happened to me as I was about to leave work for the day I would’ve boosted it out the door faster than you could say "BOO!"

It turns out another AM presenter, William Waiirua, also dressed up as one of the “Halloween Haunters” as Newshub calls them in their reporting on the story. 

They also reported that after the initial scare, the haunters continued messing up people’s day by going to another part of the office and spooking people out. 

“There’s a lot of scary people up there already, so I think they will be fine,” Bridge said, having a laugh about the whole situation. 

I’m normally a fan of pranks but not sure I could’ve hacked this one. 

In other spooky news, we've gathered all of the celebrity looks that SLAYED this year's Halloweekend extravaganza and you can check out our top picks here:  

One prank that has been going viral this Halloween szn is the fake Spirit Halloween costumes meme on Twitter, and the internet made Lil Nas X their main target.

Lil Nas X was rudely referenced in packaging for a ‘Gay Person In Terrible Outfit’ costume.

Of course, being the king of the internet, Lil Nas X caught wind of the meme and took it into his own hands to poke fun at the fake costume. 

As the images continued to spread online, others began making their own controversial costume edits, which lead to Spirit Halloween needing to set the record straight on the viral prank

"This is not an officially licensed costume from our company. Photoshopping our packages seems to be trending at the moment."

Poor Spirit Halloween… They thought they were going to have an easy year with ‘Stranger Things’ costumes flying out the door, but instead, they’ve been cursed by memes. Trust 2022's Halloweeekend to be filled with more tricks than treats!