Lil Nas X perfectly responds to viral ‘Gay Person In Terrible Outfit’ halloween costume meme

Lil Nas X perfectly responds to viral ‘Gay Person In Terrible Outfit’ halloween costume meme

Trust him to meme a meme!

It’s October and the ghosts of the costume shops have come out to play, well, more like Twitter has come to play to meme the eff out of us and we were almost gullible enough to believe it. 

That was until our fave pop star Lil Nas X was rudely referenced in packaging for a ‘Gay Person In Terrible Outfit’ costume.

Of course, being the king of the internet, Lil Nas X caught wind of the meme and took it into his own hands to respond.

He wrote: “It’s funny until u realize both of my dead grandmothers stitched this outfit together by hand right before passing and i wore it to go and donate to a children's hospital after volunteering at a soup kitchen for the homeless. not so@funny now is it?”

He then followed up with another joking tweet ‘proving’ that he was at the soup kitchen and it’s just about as good of a photoshop job as the costume packaging!

Lil Nas X wasn’t the only one to have a shocking costume with a disgusting title shared around the internet, the trend (if you wanna call it that) actually started with other inappropriate costume ideas.

Over the past week, a fake Spirit Halloween costume has gone viral that’s decidedly not in stock. Simply titled 'polyamorous mixologist,' the costume in question depicts a handsome person wearing an apron and rocking some pretty wicked tats and piercings but it’s the “foreskin not included” that sent me - who comes up with this shit!

As the images continue to spread online, it’s become pretty apparent that not everyone’s in on the joke. 

A number of users are tagging the Us costume store ‘Spirit Halloween’ on Twitter and are expressing their serious disappointment that they would sell these costumes.

Unfortunately, it was a little too late for this lady to catch on before she reached out to NZ's very own Rhys Darby’s team.

With all of the outrage and confusion, Spirt had to respond over and over again that they have nothing to do with the fake costumes being advertised online.

Poor Spirit Halloween… They thought they were going to have an easy year with ‘Stranger Things’ costumes flying out the door, but instead, they’ve been cursed by memes. Trust Twitter to do all the tricking without a treat!