'A sad day': Airwaves gum is being discontinued in NZ
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'A sad day': Airwaves gum is being discontinued in NZ

Savour every minty exhale you can!
26 August 2022 3:29PM

It saddens us to bring you the latest loss of iconic food items that will join Le Snaks in the junk food graveyard.

Yes, it is true. Airwaves gum is getting discontinued, and our handbags will never be the same!

After some detective work done by The Spinoff, it has been confirmed, that you will no longer be able to purchase the intense chewing gum that will make your brain freeze until it’s numb.

 A Countdown representative confirmed the devastating news to The Spinoff, and the supermarket revealed: “Our supplier has notified us that Airwaves have been discontinued and are no longer available in New Zealand.” 

But if that wasn’t enough to convince you that the minty gum is gone, how about a response straight from the supplier Mars' mouth?

"Unfortunately, AIRWAVES® gum is no longer part of our range."

Okay, now you can panic!

This is devastating news. The eucalyptus and menthol slap in the face was both enjoyed and suffered by many, and I don’t think anything else comes close to the sensation we felt when biting down on the sinus-clearing, tear-producing gum.

Other people are just as crushed and confused as we are with Kiwis sharing their devastation.

One commenter wrote: “This is a travesty!!”

“Might have to sniff eucalyptus straight from the bottle,” wrote another.

A third shared that they will miss “the experience of wearing a face mask and having the minty vapour violently slap my eyes with every breath. Not a good day.”

We hate to break this news to you, but sadly the damage is already done, and your freshest breath days are over.

So, stock up on the little packs if you’re lucky enough to find some and savour every minty exhale you can.

First Le Snak's now Airwaves... Our childhood is slowly fading. At least we know that our beloved Lift isn't going anywhere, although we were scared there for a sec - Phew!