Love is Blind contestant sends viewers into a frenzy after using eye drops to fake cry
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Love is Blind contestant sends viewers into a frenzy after using eye drops to fake cry

"Are you rolling?"

A contestant on the third season of ‘Love is Blind’ has set the internet alight after he used eye drops while filming an emotional interview during the show. 

Andrew Kiu is the culprit behind the counterfeit crying. After having his proposal to fellow contestant Nancy rejected, he sits down for an interview with the producers. They ask him “what are you thinking about?” to which he replies “are you rolling?” and then, well, I’ll let you watch it for yourself. 

First of all, shoutout to the producers for leaving this in - they know how to get the people talking. 

E! News had the rest of the cast react to the clip and opinions were split between the girls and the boys. The girls saw him as just being fake and confirmation of Andrew’s shady personality, while the guys were saying that Andrew has a flair for the dramatic and was just having a bit of fun. 

Check that out below. 

Now, to the all-important internet reaction. The immediate and most common opinion is that Andrew used the eye drops to give the impression he was hurt by the rejection, thus gaining sympathy from viewers. Following this theory, he obviously did not think the producers would leave the clip in.

I probably believe this theory the most, purely from his last line:

“I never thought I could care for someone that would bring me to tears.” 

HOWEVER, many comments, tweets, and posts hold alternate theories. Some people out there truly believe that Andrew genuinely needed to use the eye drops, whether it be for genuinely itchy eyes, or as some crazy sort of double bluff. 

The double bluff is hard to explain but I’ll do my best. Andrew was, in fact, genuinely hurt by the rejection, but he did not want people to see him like that. So, he put the fake tears in to cover up his real tears. One comment on the Instagram post sums it up nicely. 

“He was truly upset but didn’t want to look like a simp on television so he used the drops as an excuse to craft his own story later.”

We may never know why he really did it, but it is good viewing nonetheless.