It must be summer soon because Pals just dropped a new flavour
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What's Good

It must be summer soon because Pals just dropped a new flavour

Right if the weather doesn't improve after this news I'm rioting.

Just when we thought the festie/beach/party/picnic landscape couldn't possibly be populated by any more pastel-coloured cans, Pals has gone and dropped an all-new flavour on us. 

Dubbed 'the red one' - the new Pal to join the pre-existing gang of six is a mix of vodka, red peach, yuzu and soda. 

If you don't know what makes a red peach different from any other peach, neither do I, but Pals reckon it's got "juicy sweet notes" that combine with the "zesty Japanese citrus fruit" that is Yuzu along with triple-distilled vodka and soda. 

“A lot of thought and consideration went into deciding the new flavour. We wanted to make

sure it ticked all the boxes; original, refreshing, light and felt naturally part of the Pals family," Pals co-founder and director Nick Marshall said in a statement. 

"The team taste-tested and refined more than 100 different iterations to land on the winner - the sweetness of red peach, combined with the zestiness of yuzu made for a delicious final result we’re super excited to share." 

Sorry, but can we chat quickly about how to become part of the team that gets to taste-test more than 100 different iterations? Asking for a mate. 

Speculation from Pals fans over on the brand's Instagram page was getting out of control ahead of the launch, with some suggesting 'the red one' might be raspberry, cherry or even watermelon (there's already a watermelon flavour guys, duh) so red peach has really come out of left field. 

Like the rest of the Pals range, this new addition promises to be vegan and gluten-free. It's got no artificial colours, sweeteners of preservatives. A 10 pack of these bad boys will set you back around $30 at most liquor stores, and they're in stores now.