'Stop it!': Kiwis are FROTHING over the quiet return of a nostalgic V energy drink
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'Stop it!': Kiwis are FROTHING over the quiet return of a nostalgic V energy drink

Guess who's back? Black again!!

After what felt like a lifetime (okay, a few years, but who's counting?), the iconic Black V has finally made its return.

For those of us who’ve missed that nostalgic, midnight-black can and its punchy ‘I'm dying here’ energy boost, this is truly something to shout about.

After being discontinued in 2013, the can was brought back for a good time - not a long one - back in 2018. Since then, Kiwis have been begging for its return.

So tell me why this comeback almost flew under the radar with not a word from V New Zealand’s socials?!

We found out the news from one of our very enthusiastic digi gals who made sure to get her hands on a can after seeing V’s self-proclaimed biggest fan @itsthatvgirl sharing her excitement for the dark can all week.

Kiwis shared their excitement in the comments, with one writing: “Will absolutely cut a mish for one right now 😭🙏🏼.”

“Stop it!!!!! I want black v 😭😭😭😭😭,” another commented.

While a third said: “This here is a game changer!”

The biggest difference we notice is that Black V is now rocking a new look that’s sleeker alongside its recently revamped Green and Blue can cousins.

As for the flavour, our sources can report it tastes pretty bang on to the old taste. The unique blend of coffee and citrus flavour is as confusing to our taste buds as ever.

Right, that’s it! I’m off to hunt out a can and get the nostalgia hit I need to end the week on a high.