Whittaker’s is releasing a new chocolate flavour and I have been WAITING for this one
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Whittaker’s is releasing a new chocolate flavour and I have been WAITING for this one

"Perfection wrapped in perfection".

NZ chocolate giants Whittaker’s have just let us know that they are adding a glorious sounding new flavour, Hazella, to their range and we call dibs on this one. 

Hazella blocks will be 250g and consist of Whittaker’s classic Creamy Milk flavour surrounding a hazelnut gianduja centre. Gianduja is a type of chocolate made of hazelnut paste (I totally already knew that I did not just look it up) kind of like a thicker Nutella. 

Whittaker’s have been friggin busy lately; last week they made a one-of-a-kind popcorn chocolate bar as an ode to the corn TikTok kid (not to flex but we have the only blocks in the world and you can win one), and now they have announced this new glorious creation.

Sooo, Whittaker’s are pretty much releasing a Creamy Milk bar but with Nutella on the inside!?!? Dreams do come true. 

Megan Sinclair, the product development manager for Whittaker’s, said that the new creation is an exquisite combination. 

“With the harmonious balance between the delicious gianduja filling and generous Whittaker’s classic Creamy Milk chocolate shell, we think Hazella is simply perfection wrapped in perfection,” she said. 

“Whittaker’s entire chocolate range is proudly palm-oil free, and Hazella is not only true to this commitment but is also absolutely delicious and incredibly moreish. We hope Whittaker’s Chocolate Lovers will love it as much as we do,” she added. 

If the block doesn’t do enough for you, or you simply want to get baking, Whittaker’s released a ‘Hazella Brownie’ recipe on their website that utilises the new block. 

The chocolate company say that Hazella is going to be a “permanent addition” to their range of chocolate, but I’ve been promised something will never leave me before so we’ll stay wary on that one. 

Hazella will be available in stores up and down the country from Monday the 26th of September.