Whittaker's have made a one-off chocolate block inspired TikTok's Corn Kid (minus the juice)
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What's Good

Whittaker's have made a one-off chocolate block inspired by TikTok's Corn Kid (minus the juice)

Don't freak out, but we have two of the only blocks in the country to give away.
16 September 2022 12:32PM

There's only five blocks of these that will EVER be made and we've been given the first taste.

If you know The Edge, you know that we got pretty into the Corn Song from TikTok.

Soph managed to convince the boss to let us play it on national radio, Sean remixed it, and everyone in the office sang it constantly. 

Now our mates at Whittaker's have well and truly come to the party by specially making a popcorn-inspired chocolate block to celebrate the Corn Kid. A big lump with knobs!

If you've ever dunked your choc top ice cream into your popcorn at the movies - respect - you know how good this combo is going to be. Could you imagine a more beautiful thing? 

These blocks from Whittaker's are special edition, and by that we mean they literally only made five of them. But don't stress - we've got two to give away right here! You just have to enter below. 

You can also head over to Whittaker's TikTok page where they are giving away two more blocks. Just don't ask us what happened to the fifth one, we have absolutely no idea… 

Seeing as these blocks are a one-off and will be in hot demand, Whittaker's have given us in the word that you can recreate them by melting some Whittaker's Creamy Milk chocolate and mixing it in with some popcorn. 

If you want to try one for yourself, we've one of the only blocks in New Zealand to giveaway, so register your details below and you're in to win!

Have a corntastic day!