'Corn boy' officially named a 'Corn-bassador' at Corn Palace, and did I mention there's corn?
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'Corn boy' officially named a 'Corn-bassador' at Corn Palace, and did I mention there's corn?

7yo Tariq can't get enough of the stuff!

We haven’t been able to get corn out of our heads for weeks, and it’s all thanks to one TikTok of 7-year-old Tariq, who will forever be known as “Corn Boy”.

Now, Tariq has been named an official "Corn-bassador."

Tariq has found himself navigating the sudden fame and has been sharing corny clips on his very own TikTok account, @kornboyofficial, where he has gained over 200,000 followers in less than a month.

On Saturday, the Governor of South Dakota, Kristi Noem, signed an executive proclamation, declaring his ambassadorship.

During his visit, Tariq also visited the South Dakota Corn Palace attraction, which features corn murals, fun corn-related activities and even has a corn mascot, who Tariq got to meet.

Corn Boy himself posted a clip driving through fields of the stuff as he made his way to the palace. "My babies!" he quipped.

"I got to see the corn fields, but I didn’t get to frolic in it,” he captioned the post.

But that’s not the only perk of the unexpected success for Tariq, fast food businesses and other well-known companies are supporting him. The Corn Boy was featured in a hilarious TikTok for Chipotle last month.

Viewers could hear the Chipotle staffer asking a customer what ingredients he wanted in his bowl as the camera panned over the toppings.

The employee said, "Any corn?" after all other toppings got denied. To our surprise, a smiling Tariq was finally seen on tape saying joyfully, "It's corn!"

Even our very own Social Soph wanted to embarrass the corn-loving song on-air, but big boss Casey wasn’t keen.

So, of course, she played it anyway!

Seems like things aren’t slowing down for Tariq anytime soon, let’s just hope his love of corn never dies, because the internet is forever!