Can't believe we're saying this, but here's why not to try the cough syrup chicken TikTok trend
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Can't believe we're saying this, but here's why not to try the cough syrup chicken TikTok trend

The cursed chicken dish has some serious health risks!

In today's edition of shit not to try just because you saw it on TikTok, we have the ‘NyQuil chicken’ trend where TikTokers are posting online cooking videos where - for whatever reason - people are marinating their cooked chooks in cough syrup. 

‘NyQuil chicken’ is being created to attempt to get rid of any sickness symptoms. Also known as ‘sleepy chicken or ‘bedtime chicken’ is not new to our feeds but has recently peaked in popularity again.

A previous Tweet from 2017 sparked an initial viral round of the cursed chicken dish.

Just looking at that makes me feel sick!

TikTokers began to post videos of themselves reacting to the recipe earlier this year and well, we can only hope that no one is seriously thinking about trying this for themselves.

Though the recipe is usually seen as a joke, we have found some serious warnings against attempting this for yourself because it could be deadly. 

According to Kelly Johnson-Arbor, a Medical Toxicologist, the videos involve the use of an entire bottle (or more) of the cough medicine, “it is possible that large amounts can be absorbed into the chicken during the cooking process,” she wrote on

“Liquid NyQuil™ contains alcohol that may evaporate during the cooking process, leaving behind high concentrations of the active ingredients. This can lead to potentially life-threatening toxicity once the chicken is consumed.”

Johnson-Arbo added: “In addition, bacteria present on the raw chicken may be transferred into the NyQuil™ bottle once the unused liquid is poured back in, especially if the chicken is undercooked.”

Let’s not even get started on the food poisoning potential at risk at play here!

So just in case, you were thinking of giving this one a go yourself… Maybe listen to the experts and try out a new contour hack instead?!