Spice up your Wine game with TikTok’s newest creation 'Spicy Rose'
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What's Good

People on TikTok are putting chillies in Rosé and we’re not sure about it

It might be time to spice up your wine game.

It’s summer for those in the Northern Hemisphere as I’m sure we’re all well aware from literally everyone posting photos of them in Europe while we’re just trying to survive winter. 

Can you tell we’re jealous or…

I think we can all agree there’s nothing better than a cold glass of Rosé at the end of a hot summer's day. 

Well, a TikTok user has revolutionised the wine game with an invention called ‘Spicy Rosé’, a drink that consists of two ingredients; Rosé and Jalapenos.

A strange combo that we didn’t expect to get behind but then again, we can get behind anything with Rosé in it tbh.

The combo was created when TikTok user @allyssainthekitchen was dared on a livestream to drop a jalapeno into a glass of Rosé and after enjoying the unexpected combo, it featured regularly on her videos and blew up on TikTok.

“I was on a livestream one night drinking rosé and a follower dared me to add some jalapeño slices to my glass, and the rest is history … What started as a fun and random idea has now turned into the only way myself, and anyone who tries it, can drink rosé.” Allyssa told Newsweek.

Ever since, the drink combo has become a regular occurrence on her page and gone viral on TikTok, with other users trying and raving about the drink.

The tag #jalapenorose has since garnered 171.8 thousand views with hundreds of users trying the trend and praising Allyssa for her invention.

“Allyssa. I tried this today!!! It’s so damn good!!! Jalapeño in Rosé for life!!! Thank you,” One user said. 

Allyssa compares the taste of the combo to a spicy margarita, although she says it’s much less aggressive. 

“The idea came from my love for spicy margaritas, and a running joke amongst my followers that I am obsessed with jalapeño and add them to everything,”

If you want to give it a go for yourself, all you’ll need is a Jalapeno, a glass of your favourite Rosé and some ice cubes and there you have it.