Balenciaga is absolutely taking the piss by selling a 'trash pouch' for nearly $3,000

Balenciaga is absolutely taking the piss by selling a trash bag for nearly $3,000

You're telling us we can get rich from our crappy trash bags?!

The high-end fashion company Balenciaga is getting trashed for selling what looks like a garbage bag for US$1,790 (NZ$2,842).

The drawstring bag, which is called a ‘Trash Pouch’, is made from calfskin leather and comes in black, white, yellow, and blue. But this has to be some sort of joke right?

It literally looks exactly like a trash bag.

a picture of Balenciaga's trash pouch

We’ve seen that bag filled with so much rubbish after a flat clean, we just wish someone told us we could have made three grand if we sold them off. 

The creative director at Balenciaga, Demna Gvasalia, debuted the bags back in March at the company’s Fall 2022 fashion show. Kim Kardashian was at that show, and Demna gifted her one of the trash bags, which she posted to her Instagram story. 

According to PageSix, Kim said she was ‘excited’ to have the bag, and asked her followers: “How cool is this?”

Hey Kim, it’s not very cool sis. 

Kim Kardashain's Instagram story of Balenciaga's trash pouch

Demna seems to know exactly what he is doing though. After the show, he told Women’s Wear Daily:

“I couldn’t miss an opportunity to make the most expensive trash bag in the world, because who doesn’t love a fashion scandal?”

Well Demna, lots of people. 

The Instagram account @highsnobiety posted the bags and there were loads of comments trashing Balenciaga. 

“Balenciaga is a meme designer,” said one. 

“They’re really trying to make a joke out of consumers at this point,” commented another. 

a model at Balenciaga Fall 2022 holding the trash pouch

Others seemed to think that Balenciaga is testing us. 

“Balenciaga is a social experiment and y’all are losing," one comment read.

Some more commenters go the jokes out, with one saying “I got 40 of those under my sink,” and another saying “whoever buys this needs to be thrown out of it”.

Hey look, if you cannot afford the Balenciaga bag, we’ll happily sell you an almost exact replica for like $10. We are no good at maths but that’s gotta be like 99% off right?