'Oh God!': We dared to try Dunedin's cursed 'Shiny Fella' dish - here's how the taste test went
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'Oh God!': We dared to try Dunedin's cursed 'Shiny Fella' dish - here's how the taste test went

Why do I feel like I can smell it through the screen...?

Our brave team – Yas, Cal, and Kiwi TikToker Jay Knight - took on the challenge that is digging into Pearl Diver's ‘Shiny Fella’.

Spoiler alert: it was a “terrifying” experience to endure and witness.

The "Shiny Fella" isn’t your typical takeaway dinner. Inspired by a ‘70s Edmonds Cook Book aspic recipe, it’s a jiggly, cat-shaped gelatin sculpture packed with peas, boiled eggs, gherkins, and luncheon meat.

Oh, and it will set you back a whopping $85!!

“You’re joking me,” were some of Yas’ first words while picking up the beast of a feed.

The trio then met at a Dunedin flat to dig into the culinary masterpiece, which they could only describe as “smelling like farts” - I reckon the boiled eggs are to thank for that whiff.

As they took their first bites, the reactions were priceless.

“I don’t wanna chew anymore,” Cal nervously said as the many flavours hit his tongue.

“Oh God,” Yas paused, contemplating every decision that led her to this moment. “I don’t like it.”

Jay, on the other hand, told the others the Gherkin was the best part.

The strange dish was first discovered by the NZ TikToker, who asked: “Uber Eats Dunedin, wtf is that?!?”

Despite the initial shock, they all agreed it was an experience worth having, if only for the story. 

Reckon you’d try the Shiny Fella? It’s not flying off the shelves just yet, but if you’re in Dunedin and looking for a unique feed to bring to the potluck, you know where to go.

Just make sure you’ve got some mates to share it with – oh, and maybe a strong stomach!