Lift finally addresses the rumours its being discontinued in NZ
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What's Good

Lift finally addresses the rumours its being discontinued in NZ

Guys, my heart is pounding RN.

Last month we shared with you the truly distressing rumours that Lift was set to be banished to the "junk food graveyard", AKA: Being discontinued. 

We were still absolutely reeling from the news that Le Snacks would no longer be gracing Kiwi lunchboxes, which we learned back in June, so the idea of another childhood fave leaving the shelves was almost too much to bear. 

Well, friends, we have good news. Lift is here to stay! 

“Coca-Cola in New Zealand can confirm that Lift is not being discontinued here," the company told us in a statement.

"It is a well-loved product by Kiwis and rest assured you can still find it on shelves across the country.”

The chat about Lift being discontinued began with Aussie TikTokker @russ.eats, who heard through the grapevine that Coca-Cola Australia could be set to give the lemony fizzy drink the chop. 

Many assumed the same would happen across the ditch here in Aotearoa, but Coca-Cola NZ has confirmed that is simply not the case. 

It's a bloody good job we're not losing Lift, because the Edge Whanau was nooot best pleased by the idea of it being "put down". 

"This better be a joke," one Facebook comment from our first post read. 

"I'm absolutely not okay with this," said another. "This is bullshit." 

"It's like the universe won't let me be happy," a third, quite emotional commenter chimed in. 

Many of you also praised Lift for being the perfect drink the day after a big night out. 

"The burps this carbonated delight provides as a release from the urge to vom are irreplaceable!" one comment read. "It is a sad day when the only sense of shrivelled joy you have left after a bender is taken away." 

Of course, here at The Edge our advice would simply be to drink responsibly and avoid the urge to vom altogether… but for those who push the boat out a bit too far and need a cold Lift to paddle them back to shore, this will be a welcome relief.